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Monday, June 9, 2014

Apply for the Best Engineering Degree in Hyderabad

With a boom in the field of technological research and a need for fresh technical graduates, the demand for engineers increases day by day. During such a time, most students make a clever choice by opting for engineering after their higher secondary.

With a large number of students deciding to make a career in engineering, the competition in this field obviously is increasing. It is thus important to choose the right college to pursue your engineering degree since you will benefit if your college offers better companies during your campus placements. In addition, the teaching, facilities and infrastructure provided by the college plays a key role in your career.

Hyderabad is one of the major IT Hubs in the country. With its vast economic as well as commercial developments, it is considered as one of the major cities in the country. It is home to large number of National as well as Multinational companies that hire engineers from all over the world. Owing to this fact, there are many notable engineering colleges in Hyderabad, which have produced a number of great engineers.

Growing demand for Engineers in Hyderabad

With an increasing number of IT companies being based in Hyderabad, there have been an increasing demand for engineers. Many technological institutions from around the country are thus setting their campus in this city. There are new institutions trying to establish themselves among the already present institutions like Osmania University and others.

BITS Hyderabad campus offers a dual degree for students to pursue their engineering degree along with M. Sc. (Hons). This way, students who are pursuing their M. Sc. (Hons) will get their engineering degree by the end of the first year. Such integrated courses offered in Hyderabad ensure that the student gets a job right after completing his/her degree.

Engineering Colleges in Hyderabad:

Here is a list of some of the top ranking engineering colleges in Hyderabad:
· A.M.R Technological Institute
· Central Institute of Tool Design
· Deccan Engineering and Technology Institute
· IIT Hyderabad
· International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT)
· Jawaharlal Nehru University of Technology (JNU)
· Rajiv Gandhi Academy for Aviation (RGAA)
· University of Engineering College (Osmania University)
· Hyderabad Institute of Technology and Management

· University Engineering College (Osmania University):

Osmania University is one of the largest universities in the Subcontinent and is a public state organization. The college of technology is situated in the main campus of the university. It is prized to be the oldest college in India to offer degrees in Chemical Technology and Chemical Engineering.
It consists of following three Departments:
· Food Technology
· Chemical Engineering
· Textile Technology

It offers the following courses:


· Food Technology
· Chemical Engineering
· Textile Technology

M. Tech:

· Chemical Engineering
· Chemical technology
· Bio-chemical technology
· Bio-chemical Engineering

· Deccan College (Engineering and Technology) DCET:

Deccan College is an institute of technology situated in a place called Nampally, Hyderabad. It is one among the 6 colleges that come under Osmania University. The basic objective of this college is to bring about developments in the field of science, technology, and engineering.

It offers the following courses:

Bachelor’s Degree (B.E)
· Information Technology
· Computer Science
· Electronics and electrical engineering
· Communication and Electronics
· Instrumentation and Electronics
· Civil engineering
· Mechanical engineering

Master’s degree (M. Tech):

· E&C
· Civil Engineering
· Computer Science
It also offers a Master’s Degree for Computer application.

· IIT Hyderabad:

The Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad is a public institute established by the HRD Ministry, Indian Government. It is located in Medak district.

It offers B. Tech. as undergraduate degree for 7 disciplines and M. Tech as Post graduate degree for 8 disciplines. Admission to the B.Tech program is via a joint entrance test conducted by the institute. On the other hand, eligibility criteria for M.Tech are B.E B.Tech or GATE scores.

Departments related to Engineering at IITH:

· Biotechnology
· Biomedical Engineering
· Chemical Engineering
· Civil Engineering
· Computer Science
· Design
· Materials Science
· Mechanical
· Electrical Engineering
· Engineering Physics
· Engineering Science

· IIIT Hyderabad:

This is an autonomous institution established in 1997. Here undergraduate studies are more emphasized. It is one among the top most CS institutions in India. The specialty of this institute is that it offers dual programs along with the normal graduate and postgraduate studies.

The graduate programs offered include B. Tech in Electronics Communication and Computer Science. The Master’s Program is offered as M. Tech, M. Phil, or Maters in Science (MS).
Admissions for dual and undergraduate studies are via AIEEE and for Postgraduate studies; it is through entrance exam conducted by the institute.

In a city like Hyderabad with its developing IT industry, there are many benefits of pursuing engineering. The above mentioned institutions are among the best in the city and will help you in fulfilling your career as an engineer.

Author Bio: The author is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Botanical Sciences from St. Xavier’s College Mumbai. She is a National level Swimmer and is interested in Indian classical music, reading and writing.