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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

KSOU open e-learning Offer A Comprehensive Range Of Online Learning Programmes changing times, the medium and tools of education have also changed and evolved. The students are no more required to be physically present to attend all the classes and lectures, and are not bound by the shackles of attendance. The education, classrooms and examinations have become digital and much more advanced. The students can work and study at the same time and even professionals who are already working and want to add on to their knowledge and skills can opt for online courses or distance education.

Regular college or university education is expensive and beyond everyone’s reach. Correspondence courses are much more affordable than regular courses making them accessible to everyone. Renowned and reputed university’s like Karnataka State Open University offer a comprehensive range of online learning programmes. The courses offered by Karnataka State Open University are approved Distance Education Council, India. You can find a wide array of courses ranging from general or basic courses to non-conventional courses.

The students can choose from long term courses like Under Graduation, Post Graduation, and Doctorate courses to short term diploma and certificate courses ranging from 3 months to 1 year. Besides affordability another important factor behind the growing demand of distance learning courses is that they use modern tools like e-Learning modules, online classrooms, and online exams. Thus, making them much more contemporary in their outlook and approach as compared to traditional methods of imparting education and conducting exams.

Online education releases the student from the boundation of time. The student can study from anywhere and anytime as per his/her convenience. Most correspondence universities also offer on-demand exams where the students can select the time and date of their exams depending on their working hours and schedule. The students can interact with teachers/subject experts on online forums, on chat or email and clarify their doubts and seek help.

Distance education in India is still in its early stage. Students and people are overcoming their apprehensions and embracing modern tools of learning. You can visit and go through the comprehensive range of courses being offered by Karnataka State Open University.