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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

9 Smart Tips Every Novice Writer Should Know About

It might seem an easy thing to deal with writing, but if you consider it to be a long-term career it is never that easy at all. Challenging as it may seem, there are simply a lot of trials once you deal with it. It might seem more difficult when you are a novice at it, or you are that someone who just want to take writing into a different level. No doubt that there are also a number of people out there who are really that aspiring to become successful in the field of writing and eventually want to make a career out of it.

Therefore, as being novice there are things that should be kept in mind. There is no instant way in becoming a successful writer in the first place, most of the time there's a series of stages that should be passed before you can consider yourself as a professional writer.

Simple things that every interested novice writer should know are the following:

1. You Have to Be Comfortable - you may be at the stage in your life on which you don't know what might make you happy. Get hold of yourself and think of what you want the most. If you decide that you want writing the most and want to see yourself improving on that field, you have prepared your self for almost everything that you might encounter. As a novice, it will be quite a rough that you certainly have to deal, but no matter what, just try to assure yourself that you also do everything just to make yourself comfortable.

2. Be Ready to Learn - as a novice, expect that there are a lot of thingss that you need to learn. Learning from scratch can a bit tiring but keep in mind that it is worthy of your time. When you aim to be a professional writer, you need to learn every bits and pieces of it. There are simply no excuses when it comes to learning most especially if you have that goal improve your writing skills.

3. Write with Passion - passion is something that most aspirant writer tend to forget. They only prioritize the fact that they are writing, but in the real sense, their works are not that effective since it does lack some passion. To be passionate in what you write could actually be an important factor to improve for it will help you reach the kind of goal that you set for yourself. Your paper is, nothing is you don't put any passion on, it would only feel like you are not that interested with the writing skills that you have. Therefore, as early as being a novice writer be sure to be passionate in every single work that you do for it will help you attract readers.

4. It's Normal to Commit Mistake - writing can be a trial and error situation, a hit or miss, you write something, but later on you find yourself hitting that backspace button over and over again. You may not notice at all but you are slowly turning on to be a perfectionist on your novice stage. Given the fact that you really want to improve the fastest way that you can. But bear in mind that making mistake is as natural as breathing that you have to live with and it will not lead you into some unfortunate instances instead it will help you learn.

5. It's Okay To Deal with a Mentor - having a mentor can be one of the best things every novice writer can dream. Dealing with a mentor can sometimes be frustrating, but the twist is that in the end you can learn a lot of thing. Your mentor will criticize your work for you to get better, sometimes it is better that you meet a terror mentor for you will be disciplined and appreciate the real sense of writing the most. Aside from yourself, your mentor can be the next person whom you can rely in you want that career in writing works.

6. Be Open-Minded - when you are starting in the field of writing, it is a natural that you fear of dealing with new things and ideas. You might feel that there are a lot of things that hold you back. But hey! you have to learn how to be open-minded for in that way you would gain a lot of ideas. It is better to come out of your comfort zone sometimes for you to explore and deal with a lot of good and bad things. Don't let yourself stuck on one idea alone, for it will not help you to grow at all.

7. Books Can Save You - no one can go wrong with books. This is just one of the best reference that even a novice or professional writer should have. Effective way to beat writer's block and it can help you gain as much information needed when you things you are losing off some. Books can also me be an encouragement when you are about to lose your mind thinking how you can develop or improve your writing.

8. Have Courage to Face Rejection - as a novice writer, you might think that everything comes easy for you. Well, you might be wrong at that since rejection considered to be an awakening to strive harder and do your best. Once being rejected you might feel that you wanna give up on your dream becoming a professional writer. That is why at an early stage it is better to learn how to stay strong and keep your head always on the right track. It is also important that you have to control your emotions so that it will not affect the way you write.

9. Always Be Yourself - this is just one of the most important thing to keep in mind. It will be difficult to write when in the first place it is not something that makes you interested. When you write, it is important that you have to be creative, imaginative and unique, the only way to do it is if you become true to what you like and want. Keep in mind that once you write, the tendency that you involve yourself through your ideas is really that something that will define you on how true you are to yourself the determination in wanting to improve in the future.

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Luz Barnett, student taking a Degree in Creative Writing. She is also a freelance writer for in which considered to be an expert in encouraging readers to gain passion in writing. You can follow her through her Google+.