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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Top Strategies for students to follow in Essay Writing

As is well known to most ardent followers of essay writings and allied disciplines, essay writing is both an art and science, art since it is susceptible to improvements through constant and diligent practice and a science, since it demands allegiance to standard norms, ethics and writing diktats. That said, it is now necessary to consider certain important strategies that could help students negotiate the road to good essay writing and serve as a good road map in rough writing weather. Here they are:
  1. Consider, identify and fully understand the topic under essay study: It is intrinsic that essayists know and is comfortable with all aspects of the topic, as a great deal of grading would indeed depend upon comprehension of the topic and due diligence and academic honesty in its application. Most students fail, not because they are not intelligent or meritorious but because they fail to understand the topic the way the examiners wish it to be understood. Misunderstandings have created more failures than lack of application.

  2. Brainstorm:Before generating relevant ideas, it is necessary and important to conduct brainstorming sessions to generate ideas, even wild ones, in order to be able to pick and choose the right and relevant ones for the purpose of the essay content. The fact remains that brainstorming sessions does draw forth a great deal of ideas (and commotion) which could form basic premises for the development of essay pieces.

  3. First Draft: Jotting down some ideas and fleshing them out in the form of a First Draft, having an Introduction, Essay Statement, Aims and objectives of essay, body and conclusion may have well begun the battle. It must be remembered that this draft presentation is just the beginning of the essay process and a long way needs yet to be traversed. From the deliberations of the first draft, further revising and refinements need to be made and this is just the outline only.

  4. Materials for Essays may need website searches:Some amounts of web searches are inevitably for essay to add authenticity, content value and materiality to it, otherwise it would look and sound like amateurish works. However care must necessarily be taken not to copy words or ideas directly, and if done must be duly acknowledged and referenced. By far, plagiarism is a major offence in the realms of essay writing and thus care must be taken to ensure academic honesty and text integrity.

  5. Pay attention to structure, vocabulary, grammar and other needed writing mechanics: It is necessary to consider all the finer elements of good writing in the essay and care must be ensured not to miss on these finer aspects since their absence could well mar an otherwise good presentation. Use of correct words, spelling rights, etc. shows the writer in good light.

  6. Make sure that the final essay follows its course consistently and diligently:Indeed keeping the essay on its current course of arguments, counterarguments, evidences and contra evidences are important, After all the arguments are completed, it is necessary to sum up and offer emerging and drawn conclusions. Often, essay start of brilliantly, but somewhere in the middle, it is rendered off course and finally ends up far away from the needs and demands of the original paper. Such situations could be avoided if each paragraph offers only just one main argument and its counters.
  1. The conclusion must flow seamlessly from the main lines of arguments:Essentially, the conclusion sums up the salient points, revisits the essay statement and its deliberations along the paper and finally offers the author’s own views based upon preponderance of researched essay evidence. It is also possible that the conclusion may indeed be unconventional and offer new arguments and perspectives of thinking but this needs to be duly supported with research based evidences. The conclusion also needs to be convincing and refreshingly different and candid.

  2. Bibliography: Another major need for a good essay is to follow the due guidelines regarding referencing and its due applications. Styles of referencing must be honored and maintained and also suitably and necessarily in text referenced. This segment is very important since otherwise the paper would be deemed as copied and awarded a zero. Besides the disciplinary action befitting copied versions would also be applicable, as necessary and this may detrimentally affect the grades and future career of the concerned student, however academically honest and right thinking he may be. There is no basis in the future argument that the copying was intentional since this is not what is really important for an essayist’s perspective.

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