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Thursday, June 5, 2014

6 Statements Creative Professionals Will Never Say

Words have powers. Whatever comes out of your mouth becomes your perspective.

Statements are really powerful. So is the creative mind of a professional. They are the wittiest and most colorful and resourceful species in the professional world and their minds are always full of ideas and solutions. So if you're considering yourself as one of that populace in the workforce, consider avoiding the following as these are the statements creative professionals will never (ever) say.

I'm Out of Turns/Moves

A creative person will never run out of moves and ideas. Because of his or her very imaginative and artistic instinct, he or she will always find a way to put up a good show or persuade a client to invest or take the offer. Like a chess master who never run out of moves, a creative professional will never run out of turns and resources. He or she always knows how to turn the situation around to his or her own favor.

But That's Just a (Insert Object Here)

In the mind of creative individuals, anything can be of use. Creative professionals can and will always maximize the use of a certain object or resource. The words "only" and "just" are never part of their vocabulary when it comes to stirring situations. They make something great from something that's seemingly useless in the eyes of other people. That's just part of their nature.

I Can't Fix That

Another word that is particularly not part of creative professionals' vocabulary is the word "Can't" or "Cannot". It's simply not a term for them. They can and will always find a remedy for something that is seemingly not fixable for others. A messed up deal or some technical difficulties before the presentation is never going to hinder them from scoring big time.

Mediocrity is Fine

No, it's not. Creative professionals are obviously both "creative" and "professional" which simply means "mediocrity" is another term which they actually rarely use at all. They always strive for excellence. Period.

I Can't Work Without (Insert Object/Gadget) Here

Creative professionals are never too reliant on a particular object or gadget. They can easily adapt and create alternatives if they need to do so. Creative people are able to enjoy the best of both worlds: the high and glorious age of technology and the world without those stuff. They can definitely give good results with or without the help of any gadgets for that matter.

I Need an Inspiration Before I Start

Real artistic and imaginative people, especially professionals, don't need to wait for an inspiration to come. They create inspiration from sheer awesomeness. Thought drought can occur from time to time, but they can definitely fight it over and create wonderful ideas in no time.

Creative professionals always excel regardless of the circumstances in the career world. No matter what field they are in, expect the best out of them: best acting, best sales percentage,  best essay writing, best presentation, best bid, and a whole lot more. The only remain question is: Are you one of them?

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