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Friday, February 28, 2014

Significant Tips to Be Noted To Care on Exam Anxiety

Students become extremely worried when exams approach. They make elaborate plans about how to study, how to perform better and get good grades. Some others find it so difficult that the mere thought of having to face an exam makes them sick. Let us list out some ways to beat exam anxiety:-

1. Attitude towards Studies: Attitude matters a lot during exams. Students who have a negative attitude towards education usually end up scoring low marks whereas students who enjoy studying do well in exams. That is why thinking negatively about studies makes the students dull and such thinking will only add more difficulties in their learning process. Love your studies just as you love your toys, games, etc. Take studies as a passion. Always have a positive attitude towards your goal and hold yourself responsible for whatever you do. Do think, “Yes, I can do it!”

2. Relevance of Entertainment: Empirical data collected from earlier research works show that too strict an environment at home may cause hardships for children. Some parents impose rigorous long hours of study on their children. Such dictatorial dealings would only hamper the academic growth of children. Under such circumstances they will not be able to concentrate on studies and as a result they will score low marks. Parents should always supervise their children’s activities and guide them when needed. Children need breaks to refresh themselves too. Children should not eliminate their relaxing activities such as playing or watching TV from their daily schedule because these activities are extremely important for revitalizing them and continuous studies can only make them feel exhausted.

3. Avoid Stress: Stress is very common during exams but it is most of the time self-imposed. We tend to think too much about the not-so-important things in life and get stressed unnecessarily. Children also get more anxious about facing the examination.

4. Design a schedule for study: Students should make a timetable before exams. This is one of the best ways to avoid last-minute preparations and getting stressed out. Cramming does not help at all. Understanding and comprehending a topic should be preferred. When you have understood the material, you are half way through the process and then you only need to memorize it. Nothing substitutes hard work and discipline. Students who perform well study on a regular basis. They study at least two hours a day so that they do not have to learn a lot during the exam days.

5. Here are some tips that will help you study better for exams: A teacher’s advice on how to study for a particular course would prove beneficial. Take short breaks in between reading, especially while switching between subjects. This will release your stress. Sleep well before exams and have nutritious food. Do exercise or at least walk or play to refresh your body. Practise old question papers. This will give you an idea of what pattern has been followed previously by the teachers so that you can follow it to get better prepared.

6. Have a healthy breakfast but avoid oily and heavy things: Do the final revision of the most important topics after breakfast. Make sure that your stationery (pen, pencil, compass box, eraser, etc) is in your bag. Do drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid getting dehydrated. If feeling tensed, practise deep breathing. Involve yourself in positive self-talk. Do not revise at the last moment. Take the water bottle along with you to the examination hall. Organize everything you need i.e. pen, ruler, eraser, etc.

7. Plan out your timing during the examination: Practice deep breathing and focus on something positive. Do not start your paper immediately after getting it from the examiner. First read the instructions and then read all questions carefully. Mark all the questions that you know and start from the one you know the best.

8. Do not get stressed after you are done with writing the examination: whatever is done cannot be undone. Do not compare yourself with others by asking how they answered the questions - it will only add to your worries. Think you will have a better luck next time. You are not the only one who has to go through the stressful period of exams, generations have appeared in the past for examinations and generations will be appearing in the future too. Bravely face what comes your way and go through all the difficulties with a calm and composed mind. You will have better days in store for you.

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