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Monday, February 3, 2014

Top reasons to choose a career in retail management

Nowadays, many people are pursuing a retail management course to take advantage of the booming industry. It offers an exciting as well as a rewarding career. The following post talks about the top reasons for choosing retail management as your career.

A career in retail management is a dynamic field that offers an opportunity to oversee and manage everything ranging from a store, sales team, customer service, products offered and their presentation. With a wide range of job opportunities available from a merchandiser role to an entry-level job, retail industry offers various job opportunities.

Why to choose a career in it?

Retail management is a flourishing career in India. There are several reasons that make it a popular option among students: 

Working with people

A career in this field offers great opportunity to build a strong social network and interact with people of different background. The different retail job roles involve daily interaction with customers, dealers and merchandisers. If you are a people’s person, this field can offer great growth opportunities.

Flexible work schedule

A job in retail sector involves flexibility of role and timing. Depending on the type of work, you may work for few hours or full-time during weekdays and weekends. Flexible work schedule in this field allows professionals to manage their work-life balance.

In-demand career

Retail jobs are not very difficult to find. With the availability of several new and upcoming retail stores, shopping malls and complexes, the professionals in various retail roles are much more in demand. As per the Bureau of LabourStatistics, the jobs in retail are expected to increase by around 17% during 2010-20. This means that retail management is going to remain apromising career in future.

Multiple roles

For those who enjoy a constant motion in their job and are capable of performing multiple roles, retail management is a promising field. This job is not restricted to sit in a cubicle for a complete day. The different roles will include assisting customers, stocking shelves, bagging orders and managing the complete store.

What skills are required?

Candidates willing to pursuing a career in retail management should study a lucrative retail management coursefrom any reputed college. The curriculum offered by these courses is designed in a way to develop some important skills such as:

1) Commercial Awareness

This trait is important to perform well in the industry. Commercial awareness is all about understanding the market from commercial perspective. It helps a person to take the important decisions related to this industry.

2) Time Management 

Retail job involves multiple tasks, which makes it crucial to develop time management skills. This trait is important to understand the priorities and manage all the things to keep your customers happy. Retail jobs include managing different situations efficiently, for which time-management skills are crucial.

3) Communication Skills

While working in a service sector job like retail, it is imperative to possess communication skills. Since the different job roles include interacting with people or customers,an excellent command over communication is the need of the job.

4) Customer Focus

Customer focus is another important requirement of working in a retail sector. This skill involves the ability to resolve customer query, serving them in a polite manner, handling grievances, and providing them any assistance. With experience, this skill can be developed.
So, begin your retail management career by pursuing a course from any reputed retail management institution!

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