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Monday, February 3, 2014

4 Underrated Technical Jobs that Pay Well

It's no secret that money pours into technical arenas, with those working in technical jobs earning significantly more than others working in less technical fields.

The problem with this very public flow of money and talent, however, is it means getting recruited into any of these jobs becomes very competitive, especially if you've only recently trained in your field. For this reason, below we have provided a list of four underrated technical jobs that still, as per their other technical counterparts, pay extremely well.

There are many reasons why you may wish to consider one of these jobs, including the facts that: .
(a) Working in a technical field provides you with skills you can transfer to another technical job, if the opportunity comes available.

(b) You'll continue to learn on the job, allowing yourself to readily see any changes in technology up ahead, and act accordingly.

Technical Writing.

Technical writing is an art, an art which is difficult to learn, but once you have the basics of it down (and relevant experience to go with it), it can earn you a fortune.

If you're considering starting out a career in technical writing keep in mind that it is entirely different from more tame writing, such as writing literature or indeed less-technical non-fiction. The reason why the very best technical writers get paid so much is because they're able to make sense of technical books and literature and condense it in such a way that even the most complicated of topics are easy to understand and act on.


Though potentially the least underrated technical job in this list, engineering continues to evolve as a career choice and therefore the pay for engineers at every level continues to be very high. .
If you've been considering getting into a technical field for some time, whether you're just out of college or you've recently been made redundant, there has never been a better time to get into engineering. If you come across any Jonathan Lee quality engineering job vacancies online, do apply straight away, as they have a great reputation for recognising and rewarding engineering talant. And the harder you work, the most this talent will come through.

Website Design

If you're good in the field of website design, you can earn a fair sum. If, however, you're great; your earning potential is almost unlimited, as enormous companies the world over are competing to find the very best website designers they can for their own corporate homepages. .
In terms of technical jobs, website designers are perhaps the most passionate about their skills, with most website designers choosing to design for fun way before they ever move into the profession full time. If this is an area of interest to you, be encouraged that the money's certainly there.

IT Security

With more and more companies and individuals moving their computer files to the cloud, professional IT security experts have never been more in demand. The need to protect ourselves, both from people snooping on our business and from loss of our own files and programs means that the larger a company is, the more they will happily pay an IT security expert to protect their interests. .
In conclusion, it's no secret that money pours into technical arenas, with those working in technical jobs earning significantly more than others working in less technical fields. Four underrated technical jobs that pay well include technical writing, engineering, website design, and IT security.

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Zoe George is a freelance writer for Jonathan Lee Recruitment in the UK, a business that specialises in providing the manufacturing and engineering sectors with top talent. More information on Jonathan Lee Quality Engineering job vacancies are found on their site.