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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What employers look in job seekers?

It has always remained a topic of discussion that what actually do employers look for in a candidate who approaches them for job. Well, apart from the basic skills required to perform the job, there are many other aspects on which employers test the candidates. This post will unveil some of the imperative qualities that employers look in job seekers who apply for jobs in Bahrain. 

Well, it is a long debated topic that what attributes and qualities employers look for when you apply for jobs. First of all, it is imperative to understand that while some employers give much emphasis on one or more skills related to job, other are interested to know how well you can adapt in the job and learn new skills.

Apart from your job related skills, qualifications and professional certifications, there are many areas on which your prospective employer may judge you. Your basic qualification, work experience and accomplishments in the field only act as the eligibility criteria for appearing for an interview, but you feel the pressure when you appear in from of your interview panel.

The interviewers are more focused on knowing what kind of personality do you possess, what are the most captivating aspects of your personality and what attributes of your may prove disadvantageous for the organization. The final decision is taken on the basis of all these evaluations.

The skills that your employer is seeking in you also depend on the fact that at which level you are applying for job. For example, the expectations of interviewers from fresher would be different from the experienced one. The reason is that, while in a fresher an employer would like to know about the tendency of adapting to the new work environment, from the experienced candidates employers would enquire more about their leadership, problem solving and motivational skills.

Top skills and attributes that can help you land your dream job

Communication and Interpersonal skills

These are one of the most significant job skills that an employer demands from you. With the increased competition and globalization of businesses, every company wants to address global audience. Thus, every employer wants its employees to possess extraordinary interpersonal and communication skills so that they can effectively communicate with the clients.

Industry Knowledge and Commitment

You cannot do anything without the industry knowledge, thus it becomes one of the most imperative skill. Secondly, your commitment towards the work is what your personality should reflect. No employer would ever like to hire a candidate who lacks in any of these, as this way, employees will prove not be able to prove their worth for the job. Thus, these are the most mandatory skills one should not only possess but also be able to convey during an interview.

Critical reasoning and analytical skills

The work culture is becoming more and more competitive today and demands professionals who possess the capabilities to perform under the most adverse circumstances and the ones that are capable of evaluating things at their own. To evaluate important aspects related to your job, critical reasoning and analytical skills are must. Without these, you would not be able to carry out an effective analysis over things.

Leadership Qualities

For whichever job designation you are applying, leadership skills can be of great help to you. Today, most of the managers believe that there is no dearth of hard working and knowledgeable professionals, but the industries often lack in efficient leader. A leader is one who knows how to get the task done and motivate the employees to move in the right direction.

Adaptability and Team Work

This is again one of the most significant skills that will help you grab your dream jobs in Bahrain and other parts of the world as well. Adaptability is what employers look for the most as when they are adding a new candidate in their work force, this addition must not disturb the already working professionals of the company.

Rather the candidate should be able to rapidly adapt the new environment and become friendly with the other people around him/her. This not only promotes team work and also optimizes the performance of the team as a whole contributing towards the success of the company.

These were some of the relevant skills that you need while applying for jobs in Bahrain. Though every country and company has a preferred skill set list but these are some skills without which you won't be able to make it to any company or designation in any country.

Author BioAuthor is a job consultant associated with an online job recruiting company and has been working as a vital link between employers and job seekers. He also enjoys blogging. Mostly he shares his views on the various job opportunities in UAE and other Gulf countries.