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Monday, January 13, 2014

How To Follow Your Dream Career

The question that parents and grownups often ask children is ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ You might have grown up answering the question. When you were a little child the answer that you may have given might have been different every month and your parents may have been amused then. But it is when you reach adolescence that this question assumes a seriousness that cannot be underestimated.

It is this very same question that influences your education as well because education can very often pave way to a very successful career life. If you clearly know what you need to do in your life then you can pursue the education that will prepare you for a life in that particular field. For instance if a child wants to be a doctor then he/she can go to medical school and pursue the field of medicine. Almost every field of human endeavor from science and technology to agriculture has become an academic discipline.

There might be students that are not able to pinpoint their chosen careers. Such students need to take the help of career guidance counselors. These individuals can point the students in the right directions. After a few interviews with the students the counselor will be able to understand the interests that the student has.

These interests can then be analyzed and the career guidance counselor will be able to suggest a few careers that suit the interests of the student. Parents, students and guidance counselors need to work together to ensure that the student makes the right decision. Going for higher education is the next step. The educational establishment that offers courses in the chosen academic discipline will then take this a step further and then help the student narrow down the field of interest. For instance if the student decides to go for business management and MBA, the educational institution will help in choosing whether the student prefers finance, human resources etc.

However it is also very important for you to find a career that is meaningful in today’s world. If you are one of those who do not want to be just another person in a job market then you should be able to find a job that suits your unique personality and your capabilities. Everyone has a particular set of skills and it is true to an extent that there is a career that suits your unique set of skills. Chasing a fat pay check will only get you to a level.

There will not be a satisfaction and working at a job that does not give you job satisfaction will only lead to mental and physical stress. You might be earning a lot of money but will become depressed, frustrated, anxious and burned out. Moreover if you do not find the work meaningful, you will not get the momentum to advance in your career.

So in order to avoid the frustration and depression that comes from pursuing an emotionally unsatisfying career what you have to do is discover new possibilities. Think about what drives you. try to get past the ideas like ‘which job pays the most’ or ‘which job offers more security’. Most probably your primary interests and passions will lead you to your career choice. While exploring your career you should remember to focus on the things that you love, look for clues everywhere and have patience while doing so.

As mentioned before every field of human endeavor has become an academic discipline. So for example if you have an affinity towards agriculture you can go to a university that offers course on agriculture. You could learn about the different methods of farming and choose the one that suits your area and be a farmer. ‘Follow your dreams’ is a very dreamy and idealistic phrase but when done in a calculated manner can help you reap dividends.

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