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Sunday, January 12, 2014

How Google is Promoting Online Education System

9:06 PM
The involvement of premier institutions in online education race is going to completely change the education face in 2014. EDX being the nonprofit educational organization based on MOOCs is founded by educational giants MIT and Harvard University in May 2013. Later on, various top universities including IIT-Bombay from India started offering quality education through online platform.
Google, being the search giant is also promoting online education in many ways by providing several technology supports for the institutions. In September 2013, Google has united with EDX to offer technology hold for MOOCs. 

Google is also growing apps for education day by day so that education system can be made qualitative with more and more interactivity in terms of learning. Here are some of the statistics about Google's apps and advancement for education, check them below.
  • More than 20 Million students are already using Google Apps for educational purpose like sharing documents, for communication or for networking etc. And these numbers are expected to get doubled in next 2 years.
  • Google's mobile OS Android being very popular and most effective platform for mobile users is playing an important role in changing the way of learning. Android is open source and there are millions of educational apps in the app store that can help you improving various skills including almost every kind of talent.
    • Educational institutions like uGlobal, University18, Coursera and many others are delivering their education courses through mobile application. This way, these institutions are playing an important role in offering Education on the Go.
  • Google is offering access to Google Apps to various educational institutions on comparatively low cost, so that the students can save thousands of bucks every year for their quality education.
  • Google has a large list of Apps that are helping in improving the effectiveness of degree education courses and interactivity in learning.
    • Google drive App to share and store documents with students.
    • Google Books to read various educational topics and reports published by thousands of authors worldwide.
    • Google calendar to manage and schedule various events for students and schools etc.
    • YouTube to publish video tutorial for interactive learning purpose.
    • Google Sites for educators and mentors to freely offer publishing reports and educational topics for students and learners.
    • Google Code to help application developers to access and use Google's tools and APIs.
    • Google Voice for voice calling at lower rates and online voicemails which are very useful for educational institutions.
As the technology giant knows the potential of online learning platform, it has already made a big step in education to offer better services to students, scholars and tutors worldwide.