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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Efficient and Excellent Writing Tips Revealed for New Academic Writers

Foreground and introduction: 

It could prove tough turf for newcomer writers to hold their own in the face of experienced and proficient ones, and strange unknown topics to write about, but there is no harm in making good attempts. The custom built essay writing domain is growing and proliferating and there is space for good newcomers who could deliver quality and timely renderings.
However, it is necessary to follow some basic guidelines before entering this field in order to save future embarrassments and discomfort while taking up and executing professional writing assignments, whether big or small.
  1. Writer must know the requirements of the paper: A Professional Grade Paper would need to be built on the basis of the demands of the student academic advisor or according to University’s demands. There is no scope for any kind of deviation, and doing so would not only incur the displeasure of the graders but also invite action from the University Administration. Thus, it is in the writer’s own interests that s/he honors paper needs, requirements and guidelines in full.
  2. Paper must be 100% free of plagiarism: Passing off the words and ideas of others as one’s own is the major feature in plagiarism and University laws on these are stringent, inflexible and rigid. Proven cases of plagiarism usually end up with zero grading scores and may also entail disciplinary action, include possible rustication from the University on grounds of proven academic dishonesty. Plagriam is a serious academic offence that may not be tolerated in academic and scholarly disciplines, not only because it is illegal, but it defies all norms and tenets of educational rigor in higher study settings.
  3. Read, study and ponder about the topic and its ramifications: It is necessary to write the essay in accordance with what the examiner requires and not according to what the author thinks is necessary. All essay pieces justify and require great deal of extra reading besides recommended textbooks and study materials in order to be fully conversant about the topic and its intellectual implications that impact upon the final presentation. Essay papers are also critique papers that need to argue from both perspectives, before offering the final verdict either supporting, or declaiming the thesis statement, or hypothesis.
The Introductory part should be catchy and attractive, holding and sustaining reader’s interests. The body of the essay, which is its meat, should provide ample food for thought and provide its pros and cons, arguments and counterarguments in clear, concise and coherent form, and finally the conclusion, while summing up the salient features, would need to discuss contents, and offer concrete verdict in clear cut terms. It is necessary to proceed from the broad and general context, to the precise and focused viewpoints.
  1. Identifying key words or phrases and using them contextually: The results of detailed study would bring forth a list of key phrases that may be used as relevant pointers while fleshing out the essay. For instance on a paper of schizophrenia, it is needed to consider aspects like mental health, psychiatric evaluation, mental health assessment, morbidity, etc. Relevant critique ideas could be built around key words for better effect.
  1. Essays which are descriptive and not objective oriented would not fetch high grades:
It is important for the paper to be objective minded and not indulge in rambling ideas and theoretical discourses that fail to gain much headway. This is particularly true of technical subjects wherein greater degree of thematic treatment is needed. A topic on how mobile technology impacts classroom learning would need to consider the influence of mobile technology and not offer subjective and formal discussions on either mobile technology or classroom learning, without paying heed to the real task in hand.
  1. Finally, holistic consistency, robust structure, sound logical arguments and research based evidences are hallmarks of good essay presantiota that could be well rewarding:
Newcomer writers need to understand that good essays need to underpinned by sound
and logical arguments that meet and surpass University examiner benchmarks. Some
essays are brilliant in parts and others fail to offer robust, logically base and evidence –
supported approach to the arguments.


Indeed providing a good essay piece is not very difficult even for a relative new comer if he or she is willing to set mind and writing skills for it. It is only necessary to have an open, positive and relaxed mind and the willingness to learn and narrate that are more important factors worth remembering while writing essays.

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I am Jennifer Nelson., I have more than 5 years writing experience with NYC essay writing service which deals with student writing expertise growth.