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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Opt For a Diploma Course to Give an Instant Boost to Your Career

One needs various factors to reach the pinnacle of success. There are factors such as hard work, dedication, smartness, intelligence, skills and several other factors, which are required to succeed and grow. Sometimes, no matter how hard you work and how many years of experience you have an employee who is younger to you in age and less experienced ends up being promoted and becomes your boss. Often just the lack of a degree could be holding you back from growing, getting promoted or applying for a better job. You may have more experience than the other applicants, but if you don’t have the degree to go with it certain employers and companies don’t even consider your resume. You can’t apply for various government jobs or for jobs outside the country just because of the lack of a degree.

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To grow in the professional world one needs practical as well as theoretical knowledge. One aspect does not compensate for the other. Thus, online education as well as a degree is required if you want to apply for good jobs and higher positions. A degree may or may not give you an instant push, but it certainly pays in the long run. 
Knowledge never goes waste, it can always be applied to use at the right time and at the right place. Many people discontinue their education to support themselves and their family. Due to various factors, it is difficult for anyone to quit their job so that they can go back to studying and the option of taking a sabbatical is not very popular in India. Before quitting the job there are several fears and apprehensions. 
With changing times, education has evolved too. Now people can opt for distance education, correspondence courses or online certificate programs to enhance their knowledge and skills as well as get a degree. You can choose from a wide range of traditional programs such as under-graduation, post-graduation and doctorate or go for vocational courses in fields like travel and tourism, fashion designing, banking, and IT, etc.

Ksouoel is an alliance between Mother Teresa Education Foundation and Karnataka University (KSOU).There are traditional courses as well as online diploma programs and you can choose from a wide range of programmes ranging from 1 day refresher course to 1 year diploma courses, depending on your requirement and interest. You can read more about the courses offered on the website –, or contact Ksouoel’s career counselors.