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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Job Hopping is Like Playing Russian Roulette with Your Career

if you’ve just graduated the world is your oyster. You can experience life and increase your job skills through different positions at many companies, or so you think. Job hopping is the single most dangerous thing you can do to your career; meaning, it’s career poison. As much as you may view it as gaining experience, potential employers will see you as being fickle and unreliable.

Job Hopping: The Ultimate Career Killer

Employment statistics confirm that more than half the population are always on the lookout for other work or positions that will afford them bigger salaries or more variety of tasks. Changing your job is not a big deal, but job hopping tells a very different story. Generally people who job hop are looking for something, but they’re not entirely sure what it is. Very often it has to do with not finding their passion and they think that by moving to another company they may find what they are looking for.
When they experience the same issues after a few months at the new company; be it boredom, or inability to take orders well, history repeats itself, and very often the employers are blamed.

If you are an experienced job hopper then maybe it’s time to consider what your strengths and weaknesses are and how you are going to improve the weaknesses and grow the strengths. Once you have a handle on these two traits they will bode well for you in your current company. If you want to move up but don’t want to take on the challenges that are presented, and you’re getting agitated at being stagnant, you need to address where you need to make the changes.

Leaving the company means another job on your resume which will start looking like a grocery list of companies. It’s a serious career killer, even if you’re great at what you do. It becomes irrelevant if you can’t hold down a job. Employment agencies have confirmed that it is easier to find work for reformed criminals than it is to find a position for a job hopper.

They have found that companies also find it much easier to place a fifty year old candidate than it is a thirty year old job hopper. So many people out there don’t realize the detriment job hopping causes their careers and future prospects of achieving their dreams.

It is extremely important to learn to identify where your strengths and passion lies and then pursue a career in that industry. Sometimes it is difficult to work for certain kinds of people and working conditions can be extreme and may affect your health, but job hopping and eventual unemployment can be much worse to have to deal with. Find your passion, pursue your dream and cut job hopping down to a minimum if you want to succeed. 

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