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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

9 Qualities Required to Become a Successful Marketing Professional

5:29 AM
In order to become a successful marketing professional, one has to have some essential skills apart from a degree. Interestingly most of these skills are either inherent or acquired over the years. The following post highlights some of the essential qualities required to be a successful marketing professional.

A marketing manager is a person responsible for promoting and selling of products by planning and controlling the available marketing techniques and resources of the firm he is working for. So he has a direct and pivotal role in the earning the revenue for his firm.

In today’s dynamic business arena where consumer and their demand as well as loyalty change faster than the blinking of an eye, one can understand how difficult it is for a marketing manager to keep pace with the consumers’ needs and demands so as to be able to sell his product at any situation failing which his job will be at stake.

Skills required excelling in Marketing Jobs

So the job of a marketing manager is indeed a tough one in the true sense of the term and requires a lot of skill combined with his untiring effort. If you are considering jobs for a marketing manager, make sure you have the below-mentioned skills:

Interpersonal Skills

In the business domain, the term Interpersonal Skillsusuallydenotes an employee's aptitude to connect well with customers or clients so as to get the job done. Interpersonal skills comprise communication and listening skills to attitude, aptitude and deportment. It is a “must” for the marketing people to flourish in his line of business.

Influencing and Negotiation Skills

It is the ability to persuade a customer or a client or any other persons related to business in a way so as to reach the desired outcomes resulting in as much profitability as possible. Influencing and Negotiation Skillsare must possess for a marketing professional to succeed.

Analytical Skills

Analytical mind is another “must” for a marketing person. It is the ability to use ones logical mind in a proper way and reach a sensible decision based on available information and resources. It is also the ability to analyze a problematic situation and offer the most appropriate solution at that point of time. Analytical skills also help understand the market and the customer around him and device suitable sell strategies that will work on them.

Ability to Multi-Tasking

This is the age when a marketing man needs to be the “jack of all trades” to cope up with the multi-demands to which he is to be a constant supplier for the sake of his survival. So, the ability to juggle more than one task is very essential.

Domain Knowledge

Degrees like MBA, BBA PGDM, which are conducive to the growth of marketing knowledge that includes advertising, branding, consumer behavior and more—not only helps you in the practical field but also add feather to your career.

Thinking Out Of the Box

A marketing person knows that he has got a number of competitors who are there to sell the same product with same feature and benefits as offered by him but to be the differentiator, he must position his product before the target audience in a unique way as done by none before and then only his product will sell in the market.

Relation Building

Building retaining good business relationships with clients, customers, channel partners are an important part of marketing management. If it is maintained successfully, those associated with the business remember you easily and call you for business when such situation arises.

First-hand Sales Knowledge

A marketing professional has much more chance to prosper if he had at any point of time been associated with direct sales work. A sales person only knows the pros and cons of a sale experience and in the later part of his career when he goes up the hierarchy can teach his juniors from his own experience or can even device marketing strategies depending on those experiences.

Team Player

One must be a good team player in order to be able to work successfully in the marketing jobs because you have to work in a sales team that is made up of many other players besides you. So in order to win you must cooperate and coordinate with all of them irrespective of whether you like them or not.

So it can be understood from the above discussion that to be a successful marketing professional one need a lot of qualities some of which are inherent while the others can be learnt and improved through practice.
It will be worth mentioning that above-mentioned points are only a few. But these are the basic ones without which one cannot survive in the marketing field. So, if you have all of the above and love challenges then go ahead and take the plunge.

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