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Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Career Prospects after Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering

The aviation industry offers various well-paid job opportunities to those who can work hard and with sincerity. One can explore numerous sub-sectors and jobs in the aviation industry. For example- Pilots, Air Hostess, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Aircraft Mechanics, Aircraft Fitters, etc. are some of the jobs in the aviation sector. One can pursue any one of the many aviation courses and secure a bright future in the aviation sector.

Aeronautical or Aerospace Engineering are highly challenging field of engineering, with a scope of immense growth in the coming future. They deal with the development of new technologies in the field of aviation, defense systems and space exploration. Aeronautical or Aerospace engineers specialize in designing, construction, development, testing, and maintenance of commercial as well as military aircraft, space crafts and their parts as well as satellites and missiles.

Aerospace engineering involves designing and manufacturing of high-end technological systems. Thus, the profession requires technical as well as mechanical aptitude. Aeronautical engineers mostly work together in teams under the supervision of senior engineers. Their work is highly demanding in nature, which requires them to be mentally and physically fit and fully dedicated. They need to be vigilant, have an eye for detail and should have a high level of mathematical precision.

Some of the specializations in the aviation sector include areas like structural design, navigational guidance and control systems, instrumentation and communication or production methods or it can be product-specific areas such as rockets, military aircraft, satellites, passenger planes, helicopters, etc. These engineers work in areas like design, development, or maintenance or take up a teaching job in any of the many reputed institutes. There is a high demand for Aeronautical or Aerospace engineers in airlines, aircraft manufacturing units, air turbine production plants or design development programmes and best AME Colleges in India.

The aviation sector is a sophisticated industry with rewarding career opportunities. There is immense scope in the aeronautical engineering industry as it is growing at a rapid pace. A professional in this field can opt for a job in the following industries and sectors-

Various Government Airlines

Private Airlines

Aircraft manufacturers such as HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.)

DRDO (Defense Research and Development Laboratories)

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization)

CAD (Civil Aviation Department)

NAL (National Aeronautical Lab)

Various Flying clubs owned by government and private sectors and Helicopter Corporation of India

Defense services

Aeronautical Development Establishment

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