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Friday, August 15, 2014

How to prepare for B-school interviews

Preparing for a B-school interview is just nothing less than getting ready for a job interview. After all the hours of studies, the call from a reputed MBA college is like the dream come true. One should dress and present like a professional, be punctual, and be ready with common interview questions. 
How to prepare for B-school interviews

The interviewers can ask you anything to gauge if you are a right candidate for admission. Here’s how you can prepare to face a B-school interview.

What can be asked?

Questions ranging from the subject you have studied in graduation to any hypothetical situation can be asked to check your presence of mind. You must reply confidently, do not hesitate, and use your wit to answer smartly. Visualize the whole interview process as the business discussion, a two-way discussion, and not some teachers taking your interview. Do research with your fellow students and senior students about interview experience, the attire they prefer, right body language, etc.

The interviewers also ask common questions like where you will be in five years from now as a manager. What package and salary you would get in ten years from now, how your degree is helping you in career progression, tell us something about your weaknesses, and how you will overcome them, your unique personality traits which makes you stand apart from the crowd, why should we select you. What will be your contribution to college in terms of extracurricular activities?

Questions like –tell us about your leadership qualities, negotiation skills, bargaining skills; how you can transform the pressure as a professional with positive approach, do you know something about motivational skills.

“Tell us about yourself” is another common but important question, which is usually asked to break the ice. This is the time when you should talk eye to eye and speak with confidence. Here you can elaborate your background, hobbies, career plan, and something more to describe you as a person.

Why this particular management college has appealed you? When asked, the appropriate answer is to give genuine reasons such as faculty, courses offered fulfills, placement record, industry experience, and live project opportunities.

When asked for your career goals, you must be clear with your thoughts and be able to answer without a thought. This shows that you are serious about your career plans and hold a clear vision.

A complicated question comes when you are asked about where else you are applying for the management degree. In this case, it is not advisable to make comparison between two colleges, but highlight reasons specific to your course selection, location preference, ranking, and placement.

As far as your achievements and academic performance is concerned, never try to give wrong or misleading information as your interviewer may ask for proofs and records. Hence, do not boast in front of them and present the clear picture.

Remember, B-school interviewers are highly and experienced professionals who notice everything from attire, communication skills, academic record, and mannerism. Weightage is also given to the quality of your response, thinking process, and logical ability to shortlist a few students for admission.

Hence, leave no stone unturned and practice mock interviews with friends or family members to boost your confidence. This will not only prepare you to answer questions spontaneously, but also give you an opportunity to work on your communication skills.

All the best!
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