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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Top list for a catchy resume for fresher –Paint the picture of your future

10:21 PM
The resume is the most important thing that can lead you to your first job. That is why you have to write your resume properly. People follow different strategies to write their resume, but these strategies cannot provide effective outcomes. You should prepare a proper planning that will guide you to your first job. The following guide will help you to write a resume that brings you the first job.

Make a suitable resume that matches the applied job

The foremost thing while writing a resume is to understand the job for which you are applying. It will help you to prepare your resume just for that particular job. It is okay to create a resume and use it for all the jobs, but an effective way is to edit the resume according to the required job. You must keep in mind that you are preparing your resume to get this particular job. This will guide you to create a suitable resume and it will match with the job that you are applying for. Employers will see whether your resume matches with the applied job or not. If you can successfully express your abilities to match with the requirements, this will surely bring you the first job that you are looking for.

Make it eye catching and attractive

An attractive resume separates your resume from all the average ones. Employers get impressed with the eye catching content in your resume. So you need to prepare something that can make your resume eye catching and attractive. You can give bullet points on the important information and use proper spacing. This will help the employer to identify the things that he or she is looking for. You can also use attractive words to make it more suitable. But you should avoid decorating your resume as it does not portray professionalism.

Your resume must be written in active languages

When you are writing your resume, make sure to write it in active languages. It displays your self-concept in the resume. When you write your resume in active language and use strong and energetic words, the employer gets the whole idea clearer. Your resume becomes easy to read and its contents become simple. This is what the employers want. It is recommended to avoid phrases and personal pronouns as much as possible.

Use appropriate keywords in your resume

Using appropriate and right keywords in the resume is an effective way to get the job. Employers use keyword search to find the suitable candidates and make a short list of them. So you need to put the keywords in your resume. You will find the keywords in the job circular. Make sure to use the skills required for the job. You can also use custom ways to determine keywords. LinkedIn has skill section, from where you can get the suitable keywords for your resume.

Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes

Grammatical and spelling mistakes give bad impression the employer. Some surveys show that employers look for grammar and spelling mistakes to screen out candidates. That is why you should avoid silly grammatical and spelling mistakes. This will make your resume perfect and you will have less risk of screening out.

Avoid unnecessary information

Your resume length should be appropriate. You should not include unnecessary information. Providing too much information is also a minus point as employers do not get the chance of reading your whole resume. Don’t make your personal profile vogue. Give only useful things about you that will portray you as a professional. Provide experience. If you have a lot of work experience in different fields, only give the experiences that match with the job.

Give numbers to your accomplishments

Employers look for accomplishments in your resume. The more accomplishment you have, the greater the chance of getting the desired job. So try to provide enough accomplishments. The trick is to give numbers to them so that the employer can count your accomplishments.

Include work experience as much as possible

Including work experience can increase your chance of getting the job. Employers seek people who have more work experience. Your resume length should be determined by the length of your work experience. This section should be the biggest section of your resume. Put the responsibilities with your work experience and use bullet points to write them.

Provide correct contact information and avoid skipping the little ones

The employer would try to contact with you that is why it is necessary to provide correct contact information. Don’t skip the little details. Try to put everything there is. Make sure to avoid irrelevant email address. Your email address should be easy to read. The best way is to use your name as your email address. Never ever provide funky email addresses.

Some checklists

After finishing your resume, you should use a checklist to make your perfect resume.
  • Proof read the resume properly.
  • Make sure you did not provide any false information.
  • Make sure to include your recent photograph in the resume.
  • Provide a clear objective.
  • Provide reference properly with appropriate contact details.
  • You can list your hobbies and memberships if you like.
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