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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Creating first impression as a fresher

You have completed your graduation recently and now entered the world of professionalism. Now, as a fresher you need a job to start over. In this situation, freshers often face difficulty coping with different people. You have to make your impression clear and prepare yourself. Here are some tips that will help you to create first impression as a fresher.

Create a proper resume

1. Create an appropriate resume

You have to create an appropriate resume that will properly portray you. You must think about the readers of your resume. They should be able to understand what you are trying to say. Make sure to create a suitable format and use bullet points properly. Avoid decorating your resume as it is not professional.

2. Include relevant information

Your resume should have relevant information, including your personal profile, objective, education, work experience, accomplishment, extracurricular activities, hobbies etc. You should not include anything irrelevant that does not express your professional strengths. Always try to include true information and avoid providing false ones.

3. Define your career objective

One of the most suitable ways to create your first impression using your resume is to define your career objective. You should use active languages. Using strong and energetic words will help you to create an effective impression. Make sure to include your personal and professional objectives.

4. Provide all of your educational qualifications

Start your resume with educational qualifications. This will help the employer to determine your level. Start with the most recent degree. If your previous results were not impressed don’t include results, just mention the title and achieved year.

5. Provide a skill set

You must include your professional strength or skills in the resume. You must use bullet points to mention all the skills that you have achieved.

6. Use right keywords

You must use appropriate keywords in your resume. Keywords help employers to find the suitable candidates. Include the keywords according to your field of expertise and interest.

7. Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes

Grammatical and spelling mistakes create a bad impression. That is why you should avoid them.

8. Use appropriate contact information

Provide your full contact information. Don’t skip anything. Make sure your email addresses are suitable. Don’t use slang or funky words in your email address.

9. Include work experience

Include any work experience if you have. If you don’t have work experience, include extra curricular activities.

10. Provide reference

You must provide enough reference. This will help you to create a proper first impression.

Prepare yourself for interview

1. Research different companies

You should research on different companies while applying for any job. You should have proper knowledge about the functions of the company and how they operate. You should also know about the job. Read the job description properly and identify keywords. Create a skills set suitable for the job.

2. Customize your resume

You should customize your resume every time you apply for a job. The resume should look like as it is created for that specific job. Include all the relevant information. Make sure to include the identified keywords and created skills set. They will aid you to create the perfect resume that will portray your impression properly.

3. Practice questions

As you are going to face interview for the first time, you need to be prepared. You should practice different questions related to the job. Employers ask basic questions at the interview. So make sure you are ready to answer them all. Sometimes they ask critical and confusing questions. Don’t get confused answer all the question naturally and in a straightforward manner.

4. Check emails & voice mails

Check your emails and voice mails properly and regularly. You should prepare a voice mail to answer your calls. Make sure to be creative and also professional.

5. Be on time

Punctuality is an important thing while creating an impression. You should arrive early at the interview and go inside on time. Don’t be late. Being late can hamper your impression.

6. Dress professionally

Now that you have started your life as a professional, you should dress like one. Wear professional dresses. Wear shoes and ties if possible. Blazer or coat is not mandatory. But avoid wearing casual dresses.

7. Be confident

You should be confident as you are going to face your first interview. In order to create first impression as a fresher being confidence is the key to success. If you are confident enough to face any question and answer them properly, your first impression will lead you to your first job. Don’t get frustrated, be natural.

8. Connect with people

While creating a good impression, you must connect with people. This helps you to be natural and confident. Make direct eye contact to the every person you meet. If possible do handshakes. This will create a good impression as well.

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