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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What to Look for in a Language Interpreter

The profession of an Interpreter is both challenging and responsive. He has to act as a link between the speaker and the listener. For the same it is important to have expertise in both the source and target languages. But, there are some key points which should not be overlooked while hiring an Interpreter. Let’s see what all are the qualities or features to be kept in mind during selection process:

First of all, remember you need a professional Interpreter not a Language Translator. This means understand that the person is providing you services much beyond the text translation. There is a big difference in both the professions hence never choose a person apt in translation to be your representative for interpretation work. Go ahead and see the certificates, language proficiency and work experience.

Secondly, apart from qualification there are other aspects such as type of cases handled, nature of work, research records and other specific details to be reviewed. This will let you know the particular proficiency of the Interpreter. For example you need a Court Interpreter, than obviously hiring someone experienced in handling legal matters is the better option. Although, it does not challenge the other qualities but it does make the work smooth and open-up the pool of different techniques.

Third point is related to the personal traits of Language Interpreter which requires quick, continuous and professional side. It is because interpretation work requires complete attention and presence of mind to listen, analyze and react in speedy manner. Accuracy is the other factor without which the process could not be succeeded.

Last but not the least; try to establish relation with the Interpreter. See whether the person you have selected is sensitive towards your needs. While interpreting the language, he must go through the previous records of the issue and get a deep study on the same. This will facilitate constant and professional form of communication. What’s more? A Language Interpreter should be able to cop-up with the emergency situations as well.

A proper discussion on the requirement, objective and perspective of content is required to carry on Interpretation. This process requires a lot of effort and mind presence on one hand and quick review on the other hand. At times, the reason behind conducting interpretation is sensitive. For such cases, professionals follow a deep assessment on the project and make a plan in which the client is able to express his views without any fear. There are several Translation Agencies which provide Interpretation Services and ease your work of understanding the foreign language. You may hire interpreter having knowledge of two or more languages as per the requirement. For more information about language Interpreting visit