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Thursday, April 3, 2014

7 Ways on How to Become a More Attractive Job Hunter

Are you attractive enough?

With all the tight professional competitions and swarms of job seekers, it is indeed a must to stand out at all times. Just sending out your resume isn't an enough move to become a stand out applicant. You need to be "the more attractive" job hunter among any other.

Being a stand out doesn't always comes naturally from a person. Sometimes you need to bring it out from your own self. The following are the most effective ways to shape you into a more attractive job hunter. These will certainly bring out the best in you, not only as a job seeker, but as a person as whole too.

Polish Your Profiles
When we talk about profiles, it's not just your job related online stuff like LinkedIn. It is also about your other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you don't have those kinds of accounts, then good for you. You don't need to do some polishing and cleaning up. But if you have at least one of them, make sure you clean up your mess there and make it a bit squeaky clean or at least as wholesome an possible. Employers and background investigators use the even the social media to check on you and the other applicants. Make sure that even without your presence, you can stand out even because of your clean online records.

Flaunt and Update Your Resume
Your resume is always your front liner when it comes to job applications. Then make it so even more. Job hunting websites are now giving applicants the benefit of posting your resume, open for any employer to check and see. So post your resume there and make sure you update it every once in a while too. You can also take some aptitude tests there for further reference and edge. Don't forget to put your best photo there as well to make it look even more attractive.

Upgrade Yourself as Often as Possible
Just like the modern technology and operating systems, you need some self-upgrading as well. There are always something new around, some latest news and trend. There will always be an innovation or a new philosophy at least in your line of work or field. So keep yourself updated and never stop learning. Enroll on a Masters class, some online crash courses, or probably review and learn more about composing your best essays and reports. Regardless, just don't get stuck on your old learnings. Learn and relearn often.

Always Look Your Best
Well, you don't have to be vain to do this. You just have to learn how to look fresh and carry yourself well. Comb your hair, put on some clean and proper clothes, and look as presentable as you can be. Regardless if you're going to a job interview or not, make yourself presentable everywhere at all times.

Let Smile and Respect Come Out Naturally

Both smile and respect should be a natural thing to you to become more pleasing and a better stand out. A smile can always brighten up your face and the recipient's day. And respect, regardless if people earn it or not, is still the best gift your could ever give to them. After all, respect doesn't necessarily say something about the person you're respecting. It says something about you and how you deal with people around you.

Discipline is a Must
Discipline yourself to possess discipline at all times, whether no one or someone is watching. A disciplined person is a person who respects the time and efforts of other people. And this kind of attitude is also effortlessly evident. So if you want to be the more attractive applicant around, show not just your skills but also your disciple as well.

Learn Time and Attention Management

It's not always about time management. It's also about attention management most of the time. No matter how hard you try to schedule everything that you need to do, if you keep on thinking about other stuff while doing something else, you will never get anywhere.

As a job seeker, you presence of mind is a significant factor. If you can't answer a question right away or you're easily distracted , you won't probably get the job. The HR personnel are trained to discern whether or not you're paying attention and you can think and react in a snap. That's basically one of the marks of a stand out applicant.

Job hunting is a big and tough contest. If you want to get that job of your dreams, stand out. If you want to stand out, attract.

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