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Monday, March 17, 2014

Why Well Trained Employees Save Your Company Money

Many businesses are struggling in the recession, and are making cutbacks for services that they don’t think are essential. For some companies, training is often cutback, under the impression that this will save money. However, it’s been shown that having career development prospects and good training can boost employee morale, as well as making your company more attractive to potential staff. Here are some ways that good training can actually save your company money in the long run:

Customer service

When people place an order, come through your doors, or talk to your employees on the phone, what they experience reflects on your company, and often determines whether the customer will recommend you, or bad mouth you to others. That’s why customer service skills are so essential, such as:
 · Knowing company procedures
· Product knowledge
· Listening skills
· Patience
· Being able to resolve issues
· Confidence when dealing with customers

Badly trained staff who don’t know about their products, or aren’t able to use their initiative, are going to lose you customers over the long term, and dissatisfied customers tell more people about their experience than satisfied ones.

Reducing waste

If you work in an industry where you are producing something, then cutting waste is often a priority. One of the best ways to do this is by refining manufacturing techniques, and having well trained staff is a great way to ensure that minimal waste is being created, and that there are less items being thrown in the trash because they’ve been manufactured incorrectly.

People management

Having managers who know how to deal with people, and can easily resolve conflicts is key to any business. This helps keep staff retention levels high, and means your staff are happier with their jobs. It’s important that when staff move to a supervisory role, they attend a management workshop to learn skills that can be used on the job. Not everyone naturally has leadership skills or is able to delegate tasks, but with the right training, you can ensure that your staff are happier with their management team.


Communication skills are vital to all kinds of roles, and staff not communicating properly could cause you all kinds of problems. Whether it’s missed orders, unhappy customers, or lost items, there are very real consequences for not having staff who can talk to each other. Some training on communication skills can make all the difference, and can discourage your office from becoming an e-mail only environment.


Using IT efficiently is a key way for most businesses to save money, and having staff that don’t have the correct IT skills could be costing you money. Therefore, it’s often worth investing in proper training before sending them out to work, and ensuring they have updates when a new software version is being released, or you want things done a different way.

Many problems that businesses encounter with their staff can be avoided through proper training, and that’s why it’s essential that staff not only get a decent induction, but are given the tools to develop their career as they go along, giving them the confidence to do the job to the best of their abilities. This cuts down on silly little mistakes and errors which cost your company money, as well as giving you a bad reputation, and that’s why cutting down on training is never a good idea. Good training programmes also help with staff retention rates, meaning your employees will stay longer, and you’ll get the most out of the money you’ve invested in them.

About London Corporate Training:
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