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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ensure Career Progression with an Apprenticeship Programme

Are you an individual who has a fetish for technology and science related subjects? Do you eagerly want to upgrade your vocational skills? How about taking part in an apprenticeship program? Today most students are streaming towards these training courses offering qualifications as well as hands on expertise. The result? You will actually be able to stand out from the crowd by becoming the most desirable candidate for an employer. Now, earning a big salary package and gaining real experience and knowledge on a particular subject of science and technology has become feasible for candidates who love to give in their valuable support to an organization.

In England anyone who is not dedicated to full-time academic courses can give these apprenticeship courses a try. Here are the common benefits of enrolling into a program:

Earn as you learn: Now, this is supposed to be a luring aspect for students who also need to finance their daily expenses. Besides, the amounts are useful for pursuing higher studies. The minimum wage rate for those below 19 years usually sticks at £2.68; and for 19 year olds and those above the age, the amount generally varies between £6.31-11.

A creditable qualification: An engineering or science based Apprenticeship programme allows an individual to hone up his expertise and knowledge. All apprenticeship programmes consider skills as a key object. The programmes should last for at least 12 months and should be highly accredited so that employers from around the world will recognize the qualification.

Earning a good job: Apprentices enrolling into a program should at least give in 30 hours of work efforts in a single week. However, exceptional cases are considered. A huge number of employers are implementing apprenticeship programmes. Apprenticeships are now available at different levels:
· Intermediate
· Advanced
· High

If an apprentice gets noticed by an employer because of the high quality of output, the individual is likely to achieve a great job.

Great career prospects: It is true that apprentices enjoy a greater chance of being employed. Employers from all around the world usually prefer candidates who have already shown their expertise through hands-on experience on projects that were previously assigned to them by the same employers. An apprentice is always at a more advantageous position than a freshman with no hands-on experience. Thus, an apprentice also enjoys greater career opportunities.

Apprenticeship programmes open greater opportunities thereby increasing the progression of a candidate. Career opportunities for apprentices are increasing with higher apprenticeships programmes being offered everywhere. Equivalent to any degree qualification, these specialised programmes promise to offer never-before professional opportunities and consistent development for fully realising one’s potential. In Essex and other counties across UK, employers are offering luring apprenticeship programmes that promise a prospective future to enthusiasts.

If you are an aspirant wanting to find out the best engineering apprenticeships in Essex, UK then you should be aware of the fact that this European nation offers a wealth of opportunities for apprentices. A look into the success stories of former UK apprentices reveal how these training programmes have made it easier to achieve career goals... Check:

About Author: Penny Palmer is also an academic enthusiast loves writing about different academic programs that are making news in the industry. Her recent write-ups deal with engineering apprenticeships in Essex and how they provide career opportunities to interested candidates.