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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

5 Tips That Will Make The Transition to Your New Job Easier

Adjusting to a new job is like going to a foreign country. The new environment comes with intimidating rules and unfamiliar faces that one must get accustomed to. Thus, the joy of transferring to another employment is overshadowed by the fear of doing something wrong.

The following might be of use to you in case you're going through the above mentioned scenario right now. These five tips will help you avoid being culture shocked in that new job of yours. Read them and enjoy the transition you're experiencing right now.

Find people who can relate to you

Friends will always make everything better. Why not take this opportunity to find people who share the same interest as you? Yes, keeping your old friends is good but you need to remember that you still need to interact with somebody while you're at the office. Broaden your horizon and introduce yourself to others.

However, try not to "force" the friendship between you and your office mates. It's only going to make things awkward and the least that you want to do is annoy the people you're gonna work with.

Office gossip will give you a bad record

Mudslinging and backstabbing is not a new issue in the workplace. Still, that doesn't mean you should partake in such negative activities. If you're not going to say something nice to a co-worker then might as well keep it to yourself. Silence is golden. Contribute positive things, otherwise shut up.

Talking behind somebody else's will mark the end of your career. Think about the consequences of that gossip before opening your mouth. Do not burn bridges!

Your superiors are there to help

One of the most common mistakes that professional newbie’s do is solving everything by themselves. Indeed, being able to handle certain situations will be a plus on your record. However, you still need to keep in mind that it's your superior's role to assist you during that transition. Not letting them does their job by being too independent will prevent you from making a working relationship with them.

As cliché’s as it might sound, there is no “I” in the word team. Acting like a lone wolf is a sign of pride and unprofessionalism. You will work with others, regardless of your preference. Open up and make your life a lot easier.

Listen and only talk when you have something relevant to share

Use your ears more and your mouth less in the workplace. Listening to instructions will make a seemingly daunting task more manageable. On the other hand, talking just because you think it will make you appear smarter is bound to get you in trouble. Loudmouths are always hated in the office. Don't be that guy/girl!

In addition to that, you also need to practice office communication. Relaying messages when you're on the job is different from your day to day conversations. Speak with courtesy and treat others with respect.

Stop expecting so much

Your transition isn't going to end within a week's span. It's going to take you months, even years before you can actually feel at home. Stop rushing yourself and just let things happen. Move at your own pace and you will have an easier time getting the hang of your new work.

Welcome changes and have an open-mind. A new job means additional opportunities for you. Learn, grow and allow yourself to enjoy this brand new world.

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