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Friday, December 13, 2013

Top 6 Job Search Techniques for Beginners

For a fresh graduate, a new journey starts with new experiences, challenges and job competition. To boost your career and to give it a good start, it is crucial to adopt the right approach to search your first job. The following article talks about the top six job search techniques for fresher. Take a look

The time after graduating from college is full of enthusiasm to plan and work in the direction of your career goals. We all learn from our experiences; however a prior knowledge of how to work in your career direction plays a crucial role in your life.

A right job search technique helps you to prepare yourself for finding and tapping the right resources, which lands you in your dream job and boost your career opportunities.

Fresh graduates need to be aware about writing resume, developing social network, planning, organization, and much more. Here are some career tips for those who are preparing to enter the competitive job market:

1) Be a Smart Player

It is important to manage the job search process smartly to achieve the desired result. Today’s job market is difficult, which requires not only creating an eye-catching resume, but also be able to respond quickly to the job openings.

2) Write a Professional Resume

For the first time job seekers, preparing resume is something new and challenging. There are different types of resumes such as functional resume, chronological resume and targeted resume. Pick any one style according to the type of job you are applying for. Use proper fonts, headings, and format to provide important information to the employer. Give proper time to write a polished resume to catch the glance of employers. Also, do not forget to update your resume from time to time to add on the achievements and skills.

3) Prepare Customized Cover Letter

Cover letter constitutes an important part of applying for any job. This letter gives an overview to the employer about job applicant’s career objective, qualification, etc. It is the best way to show employer how your skills match with a job opening. The first time job hunter should know how to customize the cover letter as per the different job openings he is applying for. The correct placement of keywords in cover letter is imperative to get your resume shortlisted by the employer.

4) Build and Use Your Network

Building social network also plays an important role in finding a lucrative job in your desired field of work. Your career network may include your friends, college seniors, or relatives who can help you in your career move or first job search.

5) Take the Help of Social Media Sites

When we talk about expanding network as a technique of job search, one of the best ways to do this is being active on social network sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Create profile on LinkedIn to join several networking groups, which give an opportunity to connect with people whose career plans and affiliations match with you. Update profiles on other popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to maximize your job search.

6) Use Reliable Job Search Engines

Job search engines help to find various job listings available on different sources. Using them, you can refine your job hunt, set job alerts and find desired job openings in a cost-effective and efficient manner. First time job seekers can easily search jobs on the basis of location, job role, qualifications and company name.

Apart from all the above tips, another important tip that every fresh graduate should follow to boost his career path is a constant learning. This helps a person to add on to his credentials and grow skills and knowledge required in the later stages of your career.

About the Author:

Swati Srivastava is an experienced writer who loves to writes on different career related topics for fresh graduates and experienced professionals. Her articles focus on interesting topics such as job search techniques for fresher, interview tips, and resume writing formats.