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Friday, December 20, 2013

Play School In Delhi NCR-Ideal Destination For Learning In The Early Years

Children in their early development years are said to be like soft clay that can be suitably moulded by facilitating their learning skills in a serene and conducive atmosphere. Play School in Delhi NCR is a pioneer in the field of creative and innovative teaching of young children. They endeavor to help each child to acquire excellent social, emotional and language skills and evolve as confident and empathetic students. Highlights of the learning modules of the play school are enhancing various skills like hand and eye coordination, ability to communicate with clarity, reading and writing, identifying shapes and numbers, fine motor skills, etc. through joyful and fun-filled activities. Kids emerge as achievers, socially and intellectually enriched.

Infrastructure and facilities

Playschools have ample space for indoor and outdoor sports activities and games. Infrastructure consists of a well equipped playing area, library, a splash pool, and well ventilated brightly painted classrooms with lot of space to move around, numerous trees and greenery. The safety and hygiene of children are of prime significance and the school ensures that children learn in a hassle free environment. Preschools in Delhi NCR encourage children to explore their surroundings and acquire knowledge that stays in their minds. Holistic personality development and efforts to inculcate values at a young age gives an extra edge to these children who invariably develop foundations for lifelong learning.

Learning with the help of Technology

Learning in the early years taps the inherent curiosity and imagination in children, with the help of technology and age appropriate learning modules. Acquisition of concepts, skills and abilities is achieved through innovatively designed activities in play schools in Delhi that benefit the young learners. The curriculum is designed to use technology effectively and provide remarkable facilities to the children. Fastrac USA Enrichment Education Programs are an integral part of Play School in Delhi NCR that emphasizes learning through exploration, observation and understanding the environment.

Key elements of Learning in Play School
  • Identifying capital letters as well as small letters·
  •  Reading of simple words as well as short sentences.
  • Working with 2 digit numbers.
  • Unique themes like water and air, insects, etc. for scientific awareness·
  • Developing eye hand coordination, large-muscle and fine muscle control.
  • Language and vocabulary building through activities like group conversation, singing, role playing, puppetry, theatre, storytelling, etc.
Play School in Delhi NCR is definitely the answer to learning for life in a fabulous environment through an entire range of joyful activities.