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Friday, October 4, 2013

Career prospects: Stay right on track to success with these tips

You must be having the best plan ever for your career, but if you fall asleep in the mid-way, then after a certain period of time, you are very likely to end up at some kind of a rut that can prove really tough to get rid of. So, to prevent that from happening to you, here are two essential aspects you’d need to master to stay right on track to obtain a flourishing professional life.

Career planning tips 

These career planning tips would help you to stay away from those hindrances that may hold you back from succeeding in your professional goals:

  1. Look at both the small as well as big picture - The fact is that both of these are equally important. This is because if your goal in life is to become a doctor or a lawyer, then you know exactly what you must do to become one.

    However, what if you want to do something different, then in that case, the big picture may seem to intriguing, hazy or just simply out of your reach. So, to begin with, you’ll have to think about what you would like to do in the near future.

    For example, do want to learn anything new or would you conduct training classes in the next six months? Remember, you should do what makes you curious. So, you need to spend ample amount of time thinking over your short-term goals and then work only on those that makes you happy.

  2. Grow your network - Most of the people network with little or no purpose at all. They meet various kinds of people on different social events or hang around them during happy hours. However, a lot amongst them fail to increase their support base as they incline in their respective careers that can pull them back at crucial points. So, you may use some of the tips discussed here to socialize efficiently:

    a.) What kind of person do you prefer to socialize with or look forward to meet in a social do? If you are confused regarding this, then you can draw up a list of career heroes whose principles you want to imbibe in your life. You may buy their books, follow their blogs and even attend workshops/conferences where they participate to find out more about their way of life and how they manage their career obligations.

    b.) Who are the people you never got the opportunity to dine with in the recent past? Going for lunch with someone you admire from your network can prove to be both motivational and inspirational. There is a tendency amongst the people that they willingly come out to help those with whom they’ve interacted personally on some level at some point of time.

Truly speaking, you never who would become your greatest sympathizer when you lose a job and may even go to the extent of calling prospective employers on your behalf. Such is the importance of networking with a purpose, but then it should be a genuine and mutually beneficial one.

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