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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Perfect Boost Career For Your Personality

Choosing a career path is one of the most IMPORTANT Decisions you'll ever make's how do you decide what is right for you? You may take a career path that uses the Skills you have or the education you've gotten. EVEN You may choose a career based on what you think you 'Should' because of what your Parents or Teachers have told you is right for you. You may not know but that you are Naturally careers more suited for some than for others. Why? Horse Individual of us has the personality type that affects how much we'll like a job.

Think, for instance, about a CARPENTER versus a counselor. A CARPENTER works with concrete objects, according to specified Procedures, and has a Tangible Result. A counselor works with people and Their Feelings; she has to judge success and the results of her work based on abstract Concepts. Which of These sounds more Appealing to you? Do you have a strong Preference for one or the other?

Now, imagine if you Had to make-your less-preferred choice your career, and Tomorrow you get the idea of ​​the IMPACT that your personality has on your job satisfaction. There is quite a bit of variation in how people think and Original processes.we, what not  "see for IMPORTANT", and how not Make Decisions. All of this variation affect how happy I can Unhappy or someone is in a work environment. Horse one of us has different criteria for what a great job it is, and to find your own perfect career, it is crucial to Identify what is IMPORTANT to you.

The first step is to Figure out your personality type. The most common personality test for career counseling used This is called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This personality test measures four facets of personality:

There are Many ways to find out what your personality type is. Some people prefer to read about the Types and choose what seems to fit best. There are also conduct free quizzes on the internet based on the Principles of the Myers-Briggs that I can Give you an idea of ​​Where You may fit.