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Monday, May 11, 2015

10 Unknown Benefits Of Working In A Law Office

Being a judge might be a dream job for many law practitioners, but being an attorney is far more dynamic and exciting.

When you look at those movies and TV series with judges and lawyers, we always see them in the courtroom, fiercely arguing over who is the killer and who is innocent. However, the truth is vastly different.

Being a judge means sitting in an office most of the time, reading through dozens of documents proving someone’s point. However, being an attorney is much more dynamic.

Many people ask themselves how to become a paralegal, or how much money does a paralegal make, but the real question is – what kind of professional benefits does it give to an individual?

Working in a small law firm (usually 10-15 lawyers) has a number of great, but vastly overlooked benefits, and here are some of them:

1) Dynamic Work 
Working in a law office means you will be given different assignments most of the time. It never gets boring working in a law office.

2) Flexible hours
If your work for the day is done – it’s done and you’re free to go. Also, if you had a huge party the night before, and have no hearings in the morning – you’re free to sleep in. As long as you get the job done, your working hours are flexible.

3) Experience
Working in a law firm means you will be exposed to a lot of things that might have passed you by working as a paralegal in a different company. It is probably the best possible environment to grow as a law practitioner.

4) Contacts
Who knows where you’ll be in five years? Hell, maybe you’ll open your own law office. And to do that – you need TONS of contacts. What better place to collect them than in a law office, am I right?

5) Laid-back environment
Working for a private law firm means you don’t have to dress too formal, and Fridays are usually the ‘dress casually’ day. Everyone will work hard, but at least the atmosphere will be laid back and relaxed. It’s a great place to work.

6) Faster advancement
Everyone wants to advance in his / hers career, but that might be an almost impossible task in a huge corporation. Working in a smaller company, your efforts are more easily recognized, and properly rewarded.

7) No competition
Working in a small law firm means you won’t have to fight for assignments, promotions and / or pieces of profit. In the long run, that means you will have a much healthier and relaxed working environment where everyone’s happy.

8) Inside company information
Even if you decide that working in a law firm is not your thing and want to switch – the best way to choose another career path is to have inside company information you can use to find yourself a useful position. If you know how to add value to a company, they will be very pleased to hire you!

9) Visibility
Smaller firms mean it’s easier to get noticed and to get the attention from the decision makers. This can me a double edged sword, as every failure will be seen as well, but if you’re a dedicated worker, you will benefit from it.

10) High Salaries
And the last, but most definitely not the least – are the high salaries.Law firms rank among the highest paid practice environments for legal professionals and employees are often granted more generous compensation packages than others.