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Monday, March 9, 2015

Want to become a pro writer? Here are helpful 4 tips!

While in college/university, it is a necessity that students should be able to write like a pro. But, alas, not all students are born wordsmiths! For those who are lamenting the fact that they cannot write as skillfully as their peers can, we have composed a list of helpful tips that will surely help them to improve their writing skills. Give these tips a read and secure that A grade in your next written assignment!

1. Use websites and online resources to learn better grammar!
Flawless writing needs flawless grammar! For this purpose, you can use the help of websites that teach students basic grammar. You will find dozens of these websites on the internet with exercises and helpful material.

2. Pick a new topic daily and write!
It is very essential that you practice, that too, daily! Think of this like a job you have to do. Write one short piece of 500-100 words daily, using new words and new phrases. You can learn synonyms by consulting a thesaurus or get flash cards from websites to improve your vocabulary.

A very brilliant way to make sure you write daily is to start a journal or a blog. This way you can write about how your day went, what book you read recently to any other exciting news and get instant reviews on it!

3. Get your writing checked and learn the mistakes! 
You will never learn where you went wrong or what your mistakes are if you do not get your writing checked. If you are writing a blog, then readers can be your correctors, but if you are not writing a blog or publishing your work, then you need to get a friend or a helpful professor to check your work.
After you receive your checked work back, do not leave it at that. Try to learn from what you have done wrong. A good learner never repeats his/her mistakes again, so do not make the same mistakes again and again because otherwise the exercise will become redundant as you are not learning anything!

4. Try to imitate the writer whom you admire, then establish your own style! 
Before you think it is okay to plagiarize, it is NOT! Do not rip off any writer’s work! What this means is that start reading fiction, non-fiction, stories, novellas, etc. and when you find the writer whose work you love, you can try to copy their writing styles as a starting point. You can even rewrite news articles or paragraphs from your favorite books to improve your own style.
Later, when you develop your own style, you will understand how imitating one or two writers affected your writing.

A pro writer does not make any mistakes, so remember to check your pieces before submission. Proofread with a fine tooth comb and eliminate all the errors.

Furthermore, you have to remember, this is going to be a slow process, but remember, slow and steady wins the race! You have got to try to succeed!

Author Bio:
Melody Wilson is a widely known article writer with various publications in her pocket. Although currently working as a content manager for a prestigious academic writing firm Get Homework Online, she also writes as a freelance writer sometimes.