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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Effective Productivity Tools For Writers | Now You’ll Write More And Better

Are you finding it difficult to get started on your first article? Does it seem like you do not have enough ideas? —Well, do not let that demoralize you. Most writers at some point feel exactly the same way. Even the most prolific writers, the ones who have written bestselling books and have been quoted in many articles do experience the frustration. They sit in front of their screen and wait for hours for ideas to come to their minds.

Before you give up on writing altogether, here are some effective productivity tools you should try that will make you write more and better. A journey of a thousand miles did in fact begin with one very small leap. So take one step at a time as you try out these tools and watch your writing skills grow and get better.

1. – This is an app that you can have on your desktop screen or your tab. Sometime you come across an article or a journal or even a book review but you do not have the time to complete reading the entire piece. You can drop in your pocket and later when you have the time, read it. Getpocket is the one tool every writer needs. Good writers are known to be good readers. Not because they read faster or better, but because their reading is aimed at learning writing styles. At getting the most out of a writing piece that can contribute to their writing experience.

2. – Writing is an incredibly mentally demanding activity. Yes, you sit at your desk and with ease, as most people think; you just type words as your ideas flow smoothly through your hands as if blood is circulating with them. When you enter the writing world you realize just how much mental exertion writing brings with it. A 300-word article might take you two or three hours to complete. When you are looking to establish a robust track record as a writer, or simply come up with a well-written, properly organized thesis then you might need to use a-writer to get you top-notch writing. They help high school students with their essays, Master’s program students, etc. Their prices are quite affordable and they offer attractive discounts.

3. – Do you find it tedious and annoying that your web apps are all on separate locations? You have to switch between programs which takes a lot of your time and effort. Zapier is an app that allows you to bridge your apps. You do not need to hire or spend money getting a customized app to help you connect your apps. Zapier is free and offers you every writer’s dream — the ability to automate tasks. You should not have to spend a lot of time do repetitive and tedious tasks — can get that done for you fast and effectively.

4. Bufferapp – This is an awesome idea for those who like to share pages they are reading without having to feel tasked or use up their time. Buffferapp offers users the option of automating page share updates throughout the day. There is the buffer for business part which ‘automagically’ save you time on social media and gives you fan engagement.

5. – It focuses on Google+ by allowing to save tons of hours and dollars by maximizing the promotion of your content across all social networks. It is better than SEO. However Friendplus will increase your brand visibility far much better than the SEO tools that are commonly used.

6. – When you feel uncertain about your editing and proofreading skills, these are the guys to contact. You do not want to send a writing that contains obvious and correctable grammatical errors simply because you are not skilled at noticing your own mistakes. You want fresh, vigilant eyes to go through your work to ensure, thoroughly that there are no typos, not it’s left uncrossed and no it’s left un-dotted. Trust Allcorrect.

7. – Your personal assistant. Trello keeps track of everything you want it to. It allows you to manage your work and personal life in a simple and easy way.

With the increasing demands and pressures of working online or offline as a writer, you could offload some of that weight bogging you down with any of those tools. You cannot do everything by yourself. And these tools offer you reliability and the help you require.

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Veronica May is an experienced editor and blogger. She has written for multiple online publications, where she strives to share her knowledge and opinions. Her main focus is covering a variety of topics in the field of education.