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Friday, January 23, 2015

Where Are the 10 Best Cities in the World to Study?

Not all cities are made equal, at least in terms of their friendliness to students. Some cities have great work prospects but insipid institutions. Some have fantastic universities but exorbitant living costs. Others are just plain dangerous, and all desirability goes out the window. 

It would please you to know then that QS makes a job of choosing where to study easier for you. Every year the higher education specialist identifies the best cities in the world to be a student

QS has been doing these rankings since 2012, in addition to compiling its highly referenced league table of universities. It bases its rankings on such key metrics as affordability, desirability, student mix, university rankings, and employer activity. 

For a city to qualify, it must have at least two higher education institutions in QS’ top university rankings as well as a minimum population of 250,000. Some 116 cities around the world are eligible based on these two criteria, but only 50 make it to the top. 

Here are the cream of the crop: 

10. Seoul

Seoul, the world’s K-pop capital, is now the 10th best place for students, according to QS. The city showed strong marks in employer activity (94 out of 100 points), which is defined as the likelihood of employers to recruit individuals who studied in the area.

9. Toronto

Canada has always prided itself in ethnic diversity, and it reflects on its educational institutions. The metropolis scored highly onstudent mix (student diversity) with 90 out of 100 pts. Toronto is actually the most ‘desirable’ city on the list, and for many students, that’s all that matters. 

8. Montreal

Toronto has nothing on this other Canadian city though,in terms of student mix. In this category, Montreal scored 96 to Toronto’s 90.Montreal has 17 universities on offer, many of which have French as their medium of instruction. 

7. Tokyo

Although Tokyo can feel crowded at times, the city being one of the world’s most populous, it is still one of the most sought-after destinations among students, with a 95/100 score in desirability. Apparently, job prospects in Tokyo are abundant, with employer activity scoring 94/100.

6. Boston

Overall, the good ol’ US of A has the most cities placing within the top 50. Lording them all is Boston, which scored perfectly on employer activity, tying it with London. Boston is just adjacent to Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, two of the most famous institutions on the planet. 

5. Hong Kong 

Of the ten cities on this list, Hong Kong is actually the most affordable. Also, it is home to Hong Kong University, a mainstay in the highest echelons of QS’ Asian league table. If you want someplace even more affordable, there is Taipei and Mexico City, but they are further down the list. 

4. Sydney

Next to the US, Australia has the most cities placing in the top 50, and Sydney ranks the most desirable among them. The city, Australia’s largest, has a solid showing on employer activity. It is also very, very attractive to students; it has a 98/100 score in desirability.Sydney, after all, is one of the ten most liveable cities on earth.

3. London 

If it weren’t just so damn expensive, London would still be number two on this list. Still, it is tricky to topple the English capital, with its high concentration of top-performing universities including Oxford and Cambridge. Plus its employer activity is next to nothing (except Boston). While London has fallen, another British city, Coventry, has vaulted into the top 50 for the first time ever, on the strength of its student mix. 

2. Melbourne

From number five, Melbourne has usurped London to become the second-best city on earth for studying. The city is lauded in particular for its superlative student mix (100/100). However, Melbourne plays second fiddle to no one when it comes to liveability

1. Paris

For three years in a row, the Gallic capital has bested cities all over le mondeto be hailed the best for education. Together with historic rival London, Paris has perfect marks in the metric of university rankings. 

How to choose a city for college

If you’re one of the fortunate few who are not shackled by geography and finances, then don’t hesitate to look outside your pasture for tertiary education. 

Just as importantly, however, don’t be quick to be fazed by brandings. Countless people have made it in life from obscure universities.A more important thing to look for in a city is diversity. Try to look for countries with a high proportion of international students, like Australia and the US. 

You are better off as a graduate, and as a personall in all, if you could prove to yourself and your employers that you can relate well with various cultures. A skilled citizen of the world—that is what most people look for nowadays.