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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Tips to Choose the Right Management Institute

Business and Management studies are a top choice for many graduates. Although, the intensity of this trend in the education market of India has lowered a little, still, it has been one of the most promising choices for a good career.  Well, in recent times, MBA or a Masters in Management has lost its previous charm, which was before a decade. Numerous institutes and management colleges have started to offer these degrees making it cheaper in the job market. The problem is, most of them offer low quality education without firm knowledge of industry. In addition, test strategy for admission is made easier in many private institutes. Management education requires real time industry experience, without which students become incompetent in their profession. This is the reason why students should be careful while choosing a management institute.

Here are some guidelines that would help you to differentiate between a good management institute and a bad one.

•    Go through profiles of the faculties of institutes. Be sure that they have at least three to five years of professional experience of managerial level in industries apart from outstanding experience in teaching. Actual industry experience is important to understand the concepts of management. And it is obvious that persons who have not understood it can never make you learn it either.  In management education, for faculties, managerial experience in industry is more counted rather than experience in teaching.
•    In India, management institutes are approved by AICTE. However, a university under UGC does not require this accreditation to provide a management degree. These are two basic requirements for any business school. Above this, good business schools have international collaborations with top universities and management institutes in the world. For instance, IIM Ahmadabad and IIM Kolkata were established in collaboration with MIT and Harvard University. The entrance exam for MBA considered by the institutes is also a determining factor. Online test such as CAT, SNAP and GMAT are standard ones. 
•    Tie ups with companies and corporate organizations is essential for any good business schools. This is necessary for corporate experience as well as for placements and jobs. Go through the placement records of previous batches. This provides a good gist of the institute. A touch with the alumni is a better way to know about any institute.
•    Fees and infrastructure are points to care about. Some institutes have hefty fee structure matching with a good infrastructure. However, do not go over show ups, but evaluate the above mentioned points. A Seminar Hall, Practice Labs, Projectors, Computers and availability of essential software are basic infrastructural requirements.
•    The type of courses and the delivery method is important. Events organized in the institute and the overall campus lifestyles are aspects that should be considered.