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Friday, December 26, 2014

Why You Should Take an International English Test

English has become a global language. One billion out of a total of seven billion people on earth speak this language. In the world of internet and computers, 80% of the data stored are in English. It is the only language, in which a new word is created in every 98 minutes.

The vastness as well as the necessity of learning this language is summarized in these very facts. This language is the third most spoken language following Mandarin and Spanish. This language is the internationally accepted language for business and international trade. The need to have at least a minimum proficiency in this language is the call of present times.

In Indian context, most of the students require a proficiency in English language for studying abroad. Indian languages being different from this, many students find English tough to learn. However, the need of this language cannot be denied for going abroad and pursuing higher studies. A certification of English proficiency is needed to get admitted in any university or institute in Europe, the US and Australia.

The certification is provided by organizations that held pre engineering test and international English test. The two most popular tests are the IELTS, SSC online and TOEFL. In fact, these tests are as the doorway to the English speaking world. A score of these tests helps to acquire visa for foreign nationals from non English speaking countries.

The tests consist of English grammar test, vocabulary, comprehension and other such topics, which require a general inception about the language. These are held through both offline and online exams.

  •     IELTS and TOEFL are accepted as a standard by over 9,000 organizations across the world.
  •     These tests are valid standards to prove skills of English language. They make you eligible for studying in top universities and colleges across the world.
  •     These tests have academic standards. They actually help in understanding and learning classroom courses in English. They improve your understanding of the language and help in general communication.
  •     While going abroad for education many institutions and universities take their own English language tests. They cost extra, apart from admission fees and other charges. Taking a online test such as IETLS and TOEFL can save a lot.
  •     In addition, taking these tests is easy. There are hundreds of tests centers across 130 countries. You may even appear in online practice test prior to the actual one through many websites that helps in exam preparation.