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Monday, October 20, 2014

Wish To Set Up a Successful Business? Make Sure You First Invest In One of These Degrees

A business degree is always significant and somewhat necessary. It is more of an investment that is sure to reap rewards for you in the future. The key to optimizing this investment is to understand which business realms would bring maximum profits and help earn the high salaries. Here’s a list of degrees that allow you to rake in good moolah in business. So acquire one of these ten degrees and secure your entrepreneurial future.

MBA in Entrepreneurship or MS or BS in Entrepreneurship

A degree that allows you to specialize in entrepreneurship will offer instruction concentrated on decision making skills and vital aspects crucial for handling the daily functions in an organization. Some of the programs within entrepreneurship specialization are capital management, product development, global business as well as generic business principles such as sales, finance, marketing, public relations, accounting and human resources. Graduates with business degrees in entrepreneurship specializations usually progress to set up careers as companies’ CEOs with average annual salaries of nearly $158,560 though the earnings may vary from organization to organization and level of responsibility. Those who wish to study this course can apply to the following entrepreneurship courses –

· Ashford University – BA – Entrepreneurship

· Walden University – MBA – Entrepreneurship

· Post University – BS – Management and Entrepreneurship

MBA in E-commerce or MS or BS in E-commerce

The E-commerce field is buzzing with opportunities and is among the most innovative and rapidly evolving prospects in the business industry. Those who wish to set up a venture in this discipline must have a versatile knowledge of electronic services, E-commerce management and other necessary skills that help establish, articulate and implement modes of electronic communication and distribution. Courses like these have curricula teaching you design and analysis of information, data mining, decision support systems, upcoming information technologies, seminars in E-commerce policies, E-commerce project management and global operations in information technology. Other than setting up their own successful ventures, graduates focusing on E-commerce can study these courses to become management specialists, Internet marketers, entrepreneurs and Internet app designers for e-commerce. They may earn up to $127,870 annually. Check out E-commerce courses at –

· Ashford University – BA – e-Marketing
· Fortis College – AAS – Internet Marketing

MBA in Marketing or MS or BS in Marketing

Those who major in Marketing get to gain vast understanding of responsibilities essential for organizing and promoting various businesses and firms. Marketing courses teach you how to analyze, strategize, research and deliver techniques needed to support a brand, increase the business’ profits and boost investments. You get to study subjects such as business administration, finance, economics, accounting, organizational management, business law and statistics. You would be studying similar subjects if you take up MBA in Finance/Accounting/Economics or MS or BS in Finance/Accounting/Economics. Marketing majors grow to take up the roles of marketing managers known for coming up with advertising for clients, providing company and customer analysis to maximize profits. These marketing managers can earn up to $112,800 on a yearly basis. Other than working for someone else, you can also set up your own market research firm or an advertising firm.

Some of the highly ranked marketing programs are –

· American Intercontinental University – BBA – Marketing

· Colorado State University – Global Campus – BS – Marketing

· Kaplan University – MBA – Marketing

Some of the highly ranked finance programs are –
· Walden University – BS
· Post University – BS
· Ashford University – MBA Finance

Some of the highly ranked economics programs are –
· Ashford University – BA – Business Economics
· Strayer University – AAS – Economics
· Ashford University – MBA – Business Economics

MBA in International Business or MS in International Business

Business students who get to study in global business schools and earn global business degrees like MBA in International Business or MS in International Business get to build an educational foundation that is vital to perform as a professional in international corporations. These global business degree courses prepare you to build a successful career in multinational companies, financial institutions, government agencies and international organizations, apart from having the obvious choice of setting up your own venture. These courses include capital markets, global banking, emerging financial markets, multinational business management, global outsourcing strategy, advanced views on enterprise systems, monetary policy, operations for global entrepreneurs and banks. Once you earn this degree, you can advance to be an entrepreneur, a CEO, or a management analyst annually earning $73,570.

If you wish to acquire business acumen that is going to help you at a global level then the following global business courses can be applied to –

· American Intercontinental University – BS – International Business
· California InterContinental University – MBA – International Management and Marketing
· Colorado Technical University – BS – International Business

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