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Friday, October 31, 2014

Make a Smart Career Choice – Explore Distance Learning Courses
Everyone is pressed for time these days. Our lives have become busy and schedules hectic, leaving us with very little spare time. Even if you think of pursuing a course, getting another degree, or upgrading your skills – one of the factors holding you back is ‘time’. An ideal solution to this is distance learning courses. Anyone,whether a student or a working professional can opt for distance learning or online courses and upgrade their skills and knowledge as per their own convenience and comfort. You can study from the comfort of your home - over the weekends or in the evenings after going back from work.

Besides flexibility and convenience, some of the other factors behind the rising popularity of distance education council, online courses and correspondence programmes are ‘the money factor’, ‘ample of choices’ and last but not the least use of modern learning tools’. Let us discuss these factors one by one. Correspondence and online courses are usually cheaper than regular courses and they also help you save money on traveling, and food and accommodation (if you choose a course outside your city or country). Also, by opting for an online or correspondence course you can work and study at the same time.

Traditional courses are limited in number and follow age old theoretical information, which has very less or no use in today’s world. Online courses often give you more choices than regular college/university education. You can opt for different difficulty levels, different courses at the same time and choose between short term and long term programmes. You can go for undergraduate or postgraduate programmes, or choose a diploma or any online certificate programs. There are various courses in different fields, ranging from traditional courses to modern-day vocational courses. The choices are many and one can opt for a course best suited to one’s profession, profile and requirement.

Online education as is clear from the term uses the web and other means of technology to impart education. Most distance/correspondence courses give you the flexibility of posting or emailing your assignments and some even allow the students to give exams on demand, where the student can choose the date and time of the exam from different slots offered by the institute/university.

offers an extensive variety of online and correspondence courses afflicted to Karnataka State Open University, also known as Karnataka Open University. The student can read more about the courses offered on their website or get in touch with their education counselors for more information.