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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

KSOU Offering Latest Innovation In the Distance Learning Education

Most universities/institutes offering online learning or distance education programs use modern tools like e Learning modules, online assignments and exams, and online chat/video chat with teachers, experts and mentors. Some distance learning universities/institutes also offer on-demand exams where the student can choose his/her own exam time and date as per his/her convenience and work schedule.

The student is not required to be physically present to attend the class/lecture and is not bound by the chains of attendance and classroom. Thus, another advantage of modern education is flexibility. Another major advantage of online courses or correspondence courses is the time factor. They save a lot of time required for/in traveling to the destination and personally attending classes. With distance education. 

Correspondence courses are also ideal for people

Correspondence courses, distance learning courses and online courses the student can study anytime and from anywhere.  Correspondence courses are also ideal for people who had to discontinue/leave their education due to any reason. They can join a course of their choice/related to their field and continue their education at any age without making their work suffer in the process.

Due to some or the other reason some people can’t afford college/university education and have to start working and earning from a very young age. Distance education in India is synonymous with an affordable education.

Traditional education or courses
I am not placing online courses or distance education above traditional education or courses or vice-verse. I have just shared my views on the change I see breeding around me. They are going to be the contemporary face of education in the coming times. Most people and especially students all over the world as well as in India have started embracing modern ways and tools of learning and education.

Karnataka State Open University Offering Various Online Programs

Mother Teresa Education Foundation (India) in collaboration with Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) is offering various online programs, free online courses, distance learning courses and numerous under-graduation, post-graduation, doctorate courses in different subjects. Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) is recognized by Distance Education Council(DEC). Visit to read more about the courses and their details. The distance between you and a career/education expert is just a chat/email/phone call away.