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Thursday, June 26, 2014

It Is You, Yourself A Black-Hole: 10 Personality Traits That Can Destroy Your Career

Do you often feel that your co-workers are more comfortable with their job than you? Do you feel that something is always holding you back to perform better in your workplace? It needs not to mention that a person's career and job performance is intrinsically linked to his/her personal traits. When you are not feeling comfortable with your job, consciously or subconsciously, something will always affect your job performance. Here are the 10 most common personality traits that can significantly affect your career if you are not taking necessary steps for your betterment.

1. Not Being Yourself
Being yourself is a basic quality that can make you different than others. Do not try to follow someone to represent another personality which you are not. Just act normally as you always do. Try to be organized, give attention to detail, listen to others and be patient. Deal with your criticisms constructively. Don’t react to them in an unprofessional manner. Often these criticisms will help you to make yourself better.

2. Going Pessimistic
Do you always feel that all of your co-workers and bosses are passing only criticisms against your work? Think wisely, neither your boss nor will your co-workers have something to do criticizing you constantly. So stop being pessimistic all the time. Complaining and whining all the time will bring the negative consequences only.

3. Lack of Truthfulness
If you give false information in your resume, then there's a good chance that you may get caught if your CV is set for verification.In the worst case, you may lose your job or the authority can even seek lawsuit against you for lying. Besides, lying about co-workers or boss at workplace is also a complete nuisance. Just don’t jeopardize and stick to the beauty of truthfulness.

4. Being a Blabbermouth
When you become a part of an organization, obviously you will be sharing some of their occupational secrets. The authority will always expect you to keep the company policies and secrets with topmost priority. If you disclose any of their information, it will be considered destructive to your career and will also cause you to lose your boss's trust and faith.

5) Thinking 'I Am Enough'
May be you are efficient enough to do every assigned task all by yourself, but sometimes it becomes necessary to share your works with others’ to build a proper team work skill. Even though you can do it alone, try to finish the task as a group not as an individual. Working in a team will also help you to follow others’ instructions or sometimes you will also learn effective leadership skills to drive your team successfully.

6. Just a Chit-Chat or Gossiping
It's not obvious that you will have to love your boss, co-workers and always will have to feel good about them. Surely, you can possess your own opinions about others, but sharing your personal point of views or just gossiping about your boss and co-workers will just deteriorate your job performance. Deal with your opinions in a reserved way; do not just unload them through gossiping.

7. Working or Face-booking
Nowadays social media have become an inseparable part of our life. It's pretty common to share our day to day activities on social media. Try to limit your activities on social media when you are working, and especially if your boss is present in your profile. Giving personal posts and tweets during your work time can create a bad notion about you. Checking up social networking activities is a common approach for the employers nowadays. So be careful!.

8. Incomplete Tasks
It's a good habit to finish your assigned tasks before deadlines and provide proper reporting about it. Incomplete tasks and poor reporting are a bad trait in professional life. Keep a to-do list or check list or just use sticky notes on your desks and try to finish each task before the deadline.

9. Always Feeling 'I Am Not Ready'
Performing better in the job is not difficult, but it's also not that easy. Bosses mostly like those employees who do not make excuses and always say yes to every assigned challenge. Make sure you are building that courage to do anything in a short notice. Don't just say 'I am not ready to do this now.'!

10. Considering Office Property as Your Own
Learn to use and manage the assets of your company wisely. Do not use them for your personal purpose. Using company assets for personal gain will cause the authority to raise brows to your activities. It will also raise questions about your loyalty. Small things like using the copy machine of the office to using the computer for private purpose may also consider non-professional. Always be responsible and reasonable with the use of company assets.

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