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Monday, June 23, 2014

Finding A Good Transcription Jobs From Home

It is now evident that the internet has taken over .You can always find whatever you want on the internet and one of the things most people look for are jobs. However, finding a genuine and good transcription jobs from home can be a challenging task. Most of the people looking for online jobs will always be fascinated by the manuals and tutorials that explain how you can make 4 digits without putting much effort and within a few hours. That is a white lie. Let us take a look at some of the things to look at when looking for a good transcription job.

Online community forums and social networks.
If you want to avoid scams and find a good transcription job that you can handle from home, you can take advantage of the social networks and the online community forums. How then do you start? You can register with a number of work-from-home communities and social sites and go through the informative posts that have been left by others. It is important to understand that rarely will someone get you a job if you are a beginner. So you have to be patient at all times. It is also advisable to sign up for a site such as Flex Jobs that will give you every day updates on the best transcription jobs available. These are genuine jobs because they have been screened by professionals.

Good Job descriptions

Some advertisements are just too good to be true especially when the figures promised are not realistic. For instance, a job might promise you a salary of $50,000 per year or $500 per day. The chances of such jobs being a scam are very high. All jobs that will ask for an upfront investment so that you can be given the opportunity are a total scam. It is only but common sense to know that most of the work-from-home transcription jobs will not pay that much. A good transcription job will not ask for any form of investment because what clients want is work done to their satisfaction and not your money.

Providing too much personal information.
A good transcription job will not ask for too much personal information that is not relevant to the transcription job. What is too much personal information? If a job posting asks for your marital status, date of birth, social security number and bank account information it is better to keep away. A good transcription job posting will only be comfortable with your general resume that only has your first and last name, email address and your phone number. To be on the safe side, it is also advisable not to include your home address. You can use a post office box number instead. You wouldn’t want to run the risk of a scammer knowing where your house is.

That in mind, it is important to understand that you plus more than a thousand other people are looking for the same opportunity and you might not have a quick response when you apply for the job. But being persistent will land you that dream job.