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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Most Important Things Do Not Neglect When Going For A Job Interview

To get a job interview call is like a lifetime opportunity. Sure you would not like to miss on any one of the parameters to get selected.
Apart from preparing an eye-catching resume, well-drafted cover letter and doing an in-depth research of the company, your preparation should include many more things.So, the question is how to prepare to get the most of this opportunity?
Here are some factors that make a successful interview:

Punctuality- Never be late

Being punctual shows your seriousness for the job and how much you respect others’ time. Every employer looks for this quality in his future employee. Reaching on or before the schedule time gives you proper time to relax and stay prepared for facing the big day.

Interview Outfit- Dress for success

Outfit is one of the most important areas that demand your attention. When you enter the interview room, it is important to look presentable. At times you may get over-dressed or under-dressed. Bright coloursare complete turn offs. Remember, your attire speaks a lot about what kind of person you are.
Keep neat attire and dress up according to the workplace and job role, for which you must have already researched. The Video tells you more about how to dress for an interview.

Courtesy- Basic things you should do

Many job applicants are not aware about the role of courtesy in their selection. Lack of basic etiquettes during an interview can become a major reason for your selection or rejection. When you enter the room, stand tall, hold your head high and walk confidently.

Some basic things include:

· Greet your interviewer with a smile (shows you are a pleasing person and approachable) when you enter the cabin
· Wait for someone to ask you to sit down (shows manners)
· Eye contact is important while answering a question (indicates interest)
· Say ‘Thank you’ at the end of interview for giving you time (to close at a humble note)
· Send a follow-up letter (shows your interest)

Switch off your phone- Continuous buzzing can cost you

There is nothing more disturbing for an interviewer than buzzing of your mobile phone or chirping of continuous SMS. Imagine the interviewer is telling about job role and suddenly your phone rings!
Hence, do not forget to switch it off or put it on silent before entering the room. This not only irritates theinterviewer but also disturbs you.

Correct Language and Tone- Use appropriate words

The way you speak can either impress or annoy others. Use right words, grammar and tone while speaking. Avoid informal communication and answer appropriately. Tone is also significant in showing if you are a right candidate for the job.

Do not be too loud as it can make you look dominating or arrogant. Similarly, avoid being too quiet as it may that you are less confident. Maintain a balanced tone to feel confident and be mindful to answer smartly. Use communication skills to show how as an employee you are a fit for the company.

Body Language- It’s not words that do all the talking

Body language is another important thing that every job applicant must know. Recruiter judges you by whatever you speak, but body language is equally important. Several studies have concluded that more than half of the communication is done by non-verbal clues or body language. This means that it is vital to watch your body language apart from words. Read more about Body Language Mistakes that can cost in a job interview.

Keep your cool- That’s the trick

Do not panic if asked anything you do not know. It may also be a way to test your confidence and how you behave in an unprepared situation. Staying calm helps you to check excessive excitement or panic in a bad situation. Most of the times your recruiter may say or ask you something that leaves you with no thought or words at the moment. This is the time when you need to keep calm and think logically.

Ask Questions- But be logical

Most of the interviewers give a chance to ask questions at the end of the conversation. This is the time where you can show your interest to be a part of the company by asking logical questions related to your career prospects in the company, challenging roles, work culture and goals of the company.
Asking questions reflect that you are a confident person who is enough careful to accept the final offer. After all, it is good to know what the company can do for you. However, keep your questions in check and do not ask anything just for the sake of asking a question.One thing is important here; keep the salary talk for the later stage of the process. For this, it is always better to let the recruiter break the ice.

Right attitude- It lasts forever

Apart from tossing over the question “whether I will be selected or not?” it is advisable to keep a right attitude. Be more honest than playing smart in answering all questions. Be positive and above all, be yourself. Even if you are not selected this time (may be due to less number of vacancies), the interviewer can add your detailto company database for future openings.

At the End

Takeaways: to avoid non-verbal mistakes such as,
  • Fail to make eye contact when answering
  • Less knowledge of the company or job profile
  • Do not smile and try to make (unnecessary) serious look
  • Bad posture such as cross hands
  • Fidget frequently
  • Bad gestures such as weak handshake, play with hair, rub hands, or too much hand movements
  • Dress up overly for the occasion
Good Luck!

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