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Monday, October 7, 2013

Unravel the earthly world - Choose an Earth science career

The world of science is a magnificent one and that too for more reasons than one. You not only get to explore the unknown, but also gain from a treasure trove of knowledge. Most importantly, the world of science opens up before you a plethora of scientific careers which no other domain can possibly offer. Be it computer science or the domain of Earth science, there are just too many areas of interest which you can’t afford to ignore.

10 Brilliant Earth science careers you could choose from

There are some brilliant careers available even when it comes to the domain of Earth science. Take a look at the list below -
  1. A mineralogist: Ever thought collecting rocks could also possess the dimension of being a serious enough career? If you didn’t, then it’s time to think so now for here is a career meant for people who just love to study minerals. All that’s required here is to study and conduct researches on minerals.

  1. A hydrogeologist: If you choose this one, then you’d basically be studying the subsurface of  the water. This includes studying stuff like circulation, distribution, movement, occurrence, physical properties, quality, abundance and so on and so forth.

  1. A petrologist: This career includes the origin, history as well as the composition of rocks.
  1. An environmental geologist: If you’re one of those who’re passionate about the Earth and all gung-ho about going green, then this career might just be for you. As an environmental geologist you’d be researching whether or not there are any patterns or relationships between the geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. Moreover, it includes tracking the effect of humans on Earth.

  1. A soil scientist: You can study the soil and delve into agricultural issues and solutions by becoming a soil scientist.

  1. A paleontologist: If you go on to become a paleontologist, then you’d be studying fossils. You can then get to learn more about the prehistoric times through this form of career.

  1. A seismologist: As the name itself suggests, through this career option you’d get the opportunity to study earthquakes. This includes research and study about how the earthquakes are formed and their patterns. Most importantly, the structure of the Earth can actually be interpreted through rightful analysis of earthquakes.
  1. An oceanographer: If you’re one of those who loves the ocean and wish to live near it, then there could be no better career option than oceanography. Through this career option you’d be studying anything and everything about the ocean including geologic dynamics, chemicals, life forms, various properties and even the history of oceans.

  1. A vulcanologist: In case you’re fascinated by volcanoes, then becoming a vulcanologist is a rather good option for you. You’d be required to study and research volcanoes and it also includes predictions about when the next eruptions might occur.

  1. A petroleum scientist: You’d be searching for as well as developing oil and natural gas resources as a petroleum scientist.
Make your pick from the 10 brilliant career options when it comes to Earth science and discover your planet more in the process.
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