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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

University18 to offer enhanced bachelor’s degree programs online

The U18 is hosting one of the nation’s completely online bachelor degree courses at very affordable cost and with superb quality of education through their enhanced online learning platform. This way, the organization is fulfilling the goal of higher education for every student is a smooth way.
Online education is already in place since a couple of years across the country and globe. U18’s degree programs are recognized and accredited from some of the premier educational universities in India including Karnataka State Open University, Don Bosco University, and Indira Gandhi National Open University etc. U18’s online degree programs are potentially taking high school pass out students all the way to higher education without any traditional classroom.

U18 online platform is one of the game-changer for delivering bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs in India as well as around the globe. Distance and financial weak condition is no longer a barrier to get a world class, and best quality education from top universities in India.

At present, University18 is offering bachelor’s degree in two areas, including bachelors of business administration (BBA) and bachelors of computer applications (BCA).
  • Online BBA courses are designed to develop and sharp entry level business skills and in-depth knowledge of business practices among the aspirants.
  • And BCA courses are for those who want to build up a strong understanding of computer technology and improve their skills as a computer application professional.
While traditional classroom style education is predominant in India, the technology and advanced e-learning platform developed by University18 to offer best quality education online, made it possible to put higher degree programs on virtual learning system.
University18 also offers master degree courses, but are limited to areas of business and computers. Further, there are various specializations available in business courses such as MBA in Human Resources, MBA in Marketing, MBA in Finance, Entrepreneurship MBA, and an MBA in Technology Management etc.
All the courses are internationally acceptable and recognized from various educational bodies such as UGC, DEC, IAU etc.