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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Boost Your Career as a Mechanical Engineer

 The post tends to explore the basic science education models as well as higher education in the field of mechanical engineering. Read on the following post to learn more about mechanical engineering education in India and its career prospects.

With so many engineering schools being opened up in every nook and corner of the cities and the number of engineers graduating from these colleges, the question arises, “does India need this number of engineers?” and “Are they all employable”? These questions certainly have bought about negativity and have questioned the way engineering education is imparted in India.

However, when we discuss things on the global stage, the reply to this question is different, which is a big Yes! “Do we need more and more scientists? The answer is again, “yes.” The engineering and technical world requires skilled and talented engineering and technical education graduates carrying the right attitude. There are immense job opportunities with candidates having the potential, and additionally, there are plenty employment opportunities for innovative and competent brains. 

Breaking free

The school system in India offers a combination of science courses at the senior secondary level, which enables the students to choose the stream of interest, such as engineering or medical. These two streams are all about different attitude and aptitude; still we prepare our students to make a choice between these two give subjects. A perfect senior secondary system will orient the candidate to evaluate his/her aptitude and choose to pursue the streams of their choice. Such a situation will ensure that the chosen stream is matching their aptitude, and this case is not visualized in the current education scenario.

Bridging the gap

It is important for the schools and colleges to come up with methodologies for identifying shortcomings and bridge the gaps. Talking about the traditional engineering courses like chemical engineering and civil engineering, it is true that the total numbers of seats are reducing every year, and it is also correct that most of the existing chemical and civil engineers are fighting to grab the relevant jobs and end up being stuck in unrelated jobs. India will keep on producing unemployable engineers until and unless the quality of education is improved and efforts are made to promote knowledge sharing and learning new things.

There is need to introduce an education system which identifies the talent in the early stages of education and shape up professionals in the best possible ways. These days, mechanical engineering colleges offering quality education have gained popularity over other engineering streams because of available employment opportunities in a varied arena.

Is Mechanical Engineering Right for You?

It is important to identify your own choice and inclination before choosing any educational stream. See the mechanical engineers share what type of personalities! Ask yourself… 
  •          If you enjoy solving the mathematical puzzles and love to read science books?
  •         Do you love to build newer structure and have a flair for designing?
  •         Are you aware of computers and engineering technologies?
  •          Do you find it interesting to design a machine, which can simplify a complicated process or solve issues arising in mechanical systems?
    If the answers to above questions is yes, then you must go ahead to pursue education in the field of mechanical engineering.

Skills required for mechanical engineering

The programs in mechanical engineering help the students to learn all types of hands-on skills, but the successful candidates being enrolled to these programs should have some abilities to become a pro.
  •         Science and Mathematics – To study mechanical engineering you must be strong at science and math.
  •          Critical Thinking Ability – While designing layouts of the machines, the mechanical engineering students must be excellent at using logics and reasoning.
  •          Real Time Problem Solving – A mechanical engineer has to be smart enough to take decision and solve complex problems in real time.
  •          Operations Analysis – For creating a perfect mechanical design, it becomes mandatory to analyze product requirement.

Career in Mechanical Engineering: 

A degree in Mechanical Engineering offers a wide range of profiles to the candidates, and enables them to:
  •          Interpret drawings, specifications and technical standards for equipments.
  •          Diagnose electrical, electronic and mechanical equipments visually as well as specialized equipments.
  •          Disarm and install mechanical parts and systems.
  •          Repair, adjust and make modifications in electromechanical systems.
  •          Replace, repair, and rebuild parts and mechanical systems.
  •          Give preventive and corrective maintenance to the mechanical units.
  •          Direct and supervise the working groups in the workshops
  •          Championing teams in order to achieve better performance both equipment and materials.
  •          Participate in the marketing of mechanical products and services
  •          Manage and support an machine maintenance programs
  •          Apply basic management concepts for managing a business
  •          Serving as a teacher and university level
The students usually get enrolled to undergraduate and postgraduate degree in mechanical engineering to secure a decent job in a reputed firm; however, there has been increase in the number of students considering doctoral postdoctoral degrees in this stream. There are excellent opportunities for those who wish to enter the research and development works, but students with advanced degrees in mechanical engineering usually take this as a career option. 

Author Bio: Rashmi Karan writes for the leading educational websites, particularly for the higher education aspirants. She offers suggestions related to all education related queries and dilemmas. Explore to learn about professional courses such as mechanical engineering in the best mechanical engineering colleges.





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