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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

An Overview of Career Specific Psychometric Tests

The article tends to explore the world of psychometric tests, types of such tests and the tips helpful in succeeding the psychometric tests!

There are no two people in the world who are psychologically identical. The personality, character, temperament or way of being with someone is always difficult to define. Here are six different types of tests, which are helpful before approaching for a job, which include psychometric tests, pathology tests, projective tests, capabilities tests, personality tests and character tests. Among these, psychometric tests are most important part of the career aptitude tests!

Psychometric tests 

The psychometric tests are functional tests, which measure intellectual and professional skills of the individuals, and include verbal and visual memory, numerical skills, linguistics, professional knowledge as personality traits, interests, values, and IQ. 

These tests can be classified into four groups, which are, intelligence, aptitude, personality, and projective. Intelligence test allows us to measure the general intelligence of the candidate, using abstract reasoning. Such tests are critical to determine the ability to solve business problems in specific fields. The factors such as verbal, numerical and logical skills, as well as creativity, memory and coordination are checked. These enable us to predict the skills or abilities that a person needs to develop for certain tasks, and evaluate specific knowledge in the field of action of the applicants.

The most popular psychometric tests are:

·         Amplitude Tests: Measures the knowledge and / or performance. 
·         Reasoning Test: Measures the abilities of decision-making, quick thinking, problem solving, and others.

·         Verbal comprehension test: Measures the understanding of ideas, ability to analyze and thinking.

·         Arithmetic problems test: Determines the ability of individuals to solve mathematical problems using arithmetic and numbers related exercises.
·         Numerical series tests: These exercises test the ability to solve arithmetic problems and mathematicians.

·         Management Style: Identifies strengths and talents of individuals within a group task and increases the effectiveness, especially in application integration teams or projects, group problem solving, planning and allocation of work according to the talents of each member of a team.

Tips to succeed the psychometric tests!

It is advisable for people who are taking up the tests that their answers are sincere, honest, consistent and spontaneous. We must be ourselves and act naturally. Following tips can be helpful for succeeding in the psychometric tests:
·         The first rule to address these psychometric tests is sincerity.
·    Train yourself and practice with different types of tests before taking up the actual tests. There are manuals to help you get an idea to the type of questions being asked in the psychometric tests. These tests can be found easily on the Internet or in various manuals and books devoted to career aptitude test online. All these stuff will help us more quickly acquire especially for the knowledge test.
·         Before starting to answer a questionnaire, try to stay calm and relaxed. Think that most issues are matters of which you already have prior knowledge. Nerves will only block you.

·         Make sure you understand all instructions and do not have any confusion in mind.

·         Manage your time well so you can be quick in reading and answer the questions. Normally you do not have time to answer all; this demonstrated that only 3% of those participating in a test of this type could finish it.

·         During an online IQ test, be honest with the answers and do not try to lie. Several questions may be focused to see if you contradict yourself. So no need to lie!

·         Try to focus and throw you off, as time is against you. Work quickly and diligently, and if you come across a question you do not know, go to the next questionnaire and do not waste too much time on it.
These tests predict the behavior of future employees. These tests depend on the costs involved, professional aspects, competitive behavior, managerial and administrative skills, and of course the company, which is carrying out the selection process. These tests are designed and applied to future employees that demonstrate that the knowledge mentioned in their resumes are real! Such tests have certainly helped the employers to find the employees suitable for the given positions.

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