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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Top Online UG Courses for Working People

There are thousands of youth across the world who have dropped studies after their high school or 10+2 due to family responsibilities. They are working and have no time to attend regular classes for further studies. To continue their education, many universities of the world have come up with online under graduate programs. These learning centres have setup flexible learning environment where time of attending classes can be customized and the education fees are cheaper than regular undergraduate programs. Here are some highlights on top online UG courses for working people to continue their online education.

B.SC in Hardware & Network

This is one of the most inspiring UG programs that make candidates eligible for IT jobs. It is a 3-year or 1 year program that enhances knowledge of hardware and networking. The certificate of the program is much valuable than a short term hardware or networking course. In-depth knowledge is achieved through online descriptive classes.

B.SC in Mathematics

A degree in mathematics is valuable for candidates who wish to make their career in teaching, engineering, finance and scientific research. The 3-year course is provided online. Quality support is provided through online live classes, recorded classes, notes and individual help.
B.SC in Hotel Management

The 3-year regular Hotel Management program is far expensive than the online B.SC in Hotel Management. Speciality in food, catering and back office is provided in the program. Both online and offline classes are arranged. Programs are offered for 1 year, 2 years and 3 years. It is depended on candidates to choose the B.SC program for 1, 2 or 3 years.

B.Sc in Fashion Design

Fashion designing is a creative field that can be learnt from distant education. The field includes sketching, sewing methods, pattern making, fabrics and fashion history knowledge. Online live classes are arranged that teaches students efficiently about their speciality. Individual classes are also provided to students to guide them best. The course is divided into semesters and each semester has an exam to evaluate the efficiency of the candidates.

B.A in Arts

There are several types of specializations provided under this 3-year program including History, English, Politics, Economics, Hindi and Sociology. Special notes are provided by the institute as per the syllabus. Every student has a special login id to access online practice sets. Full support is provided to make online education special and useful.

Undergraduate courses in computer, Footwear, Fire, Home Management, journalism and languages are also provided through online learning.