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Monday, June 22, 2015

Time Management Tips for IIT Entrance Exam

Time management is an important aspect to crack IIT JEE. The exam needs higher score in each subject. It means you have to focus on each and every course of studies to earn topmost scores. If you are not able to manage time properly, this post will help you.

These tips are created gathering ideas from top IIT toppers.

Make a Study Plan

If you are serious about your IIT exam Preparation it is must to make a study plan which should be created after a well-thought considering your daily routine. Each subject should be added to the plan including maths, physics and chemistry. Add break time in your study plan because at a certain limit your mind can go into deep study.

Make Changes in Your Study Plan

To make your interest and pace of study in tune, it is important to make changes in your study plan in a week or 2 weeks. Add some interesting and relevant elements in your study plan. For example, you often prepare with hard copy of test materials, why not choose illustrated video lectures that you can easily find from online IIT preparing sites.

Set Time for Tests 

In the first 3 months, you can give your focus on earning knowledge, after that prepare yourself for an online test strategy in a week at least. There are academic sites for IIT-JEE exam preparation. They conduct online test to evaluate your skills and preparation. You can give a test for any subject you like for IIT. A limited time period is set for the test. It helps a lot in boosting your paper solving skills.

Don’t Let Your Routine

Once the routine is all set, you should follow it. Give your time table respect that you may give to your teacher. Hang it in the place where it is easily visible. Follow the time table as much as possible. In case you find hard to maintain you routine, it is better to make a few changes. For this recognize the problem area where you find hard to maintain the routine. Is it your morning, evening or afternoon?  Find out the reason for disturbance. For example, you cannot wake up early in the morning so that you have missed to cover a subject in your daily routine. It can be solved if you have setup the time according to your wake up time. A few changes in the time table will help you cover all subjects for IIT-JEE exam preparation.