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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Top Qualities you Should have to Get into Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is one of the careers that require good creativity. This career can earn you immense fame apart from good money. The industry is competitive no matter how fewer fashion designers are there who actually designs. Just going through the designing courses would not provide a promising career. To be well established in this industry, one needs to add a number of attributes to oneself. Well, an entrance exam for fashion designing is enough to evaluate a person to be eligible for the course, but it cannot determine the overall success in this career. All you need to have is passion and a creative mind. Experts have found out that successful fashion designers are masters of some special qualities. They just expanded their personalities in these aspects.

•Love of Color and Texture

It is found out, persons with higher IQ dreams in black and white. But in fashion industry, you should have such an astute sense of color and textures that you would need to have colorful dreams! Well it does not mean you ought to have low IQ, but you should have a unique taste for color combination and visuals.

•Good Sketcher

Sketching might not be a part of a fashion designing syllabus in this century of CAD. But to present your ideas and creativity in real world, sketching them on paper would be the first step. This also augments the design concepts.

•A taste of Psychology

Fashion deeply relates to social psychology and trends in the society. Since, it is about dress, a designer should know what design would suit accurately to people with a particular blend of mind. This explains why only a single out of hundred designs becomes a trend setter.

•A good understanding of Economy

Dress is a basic need for mankind. Along with it, fashion has become an essential part of the society. For persons who create fashion, a deep understand of availability of resources and affordability of the product is important. It is they who decide the materials of the dress and therefore, their values.

•Good Imagination and Creativity

These are the most basic characters required for being a good fashion designer. The matching of different parts of a dress, the color combination, the texture, the patterns and the design stitches, they all need fine creativity and powerful imagination.

While preparing for online exams or any online test entrance to get into this field of professional study, one also need to emphases on developing these characteristics. They determine the success in this profession.