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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Tips for Psychological Test Preparation in Railway Exam

The Indian railway is one of the largest government employment sectors of the country. It has a number of departments and divisions. Furthermore, it is divided into many zones all over the country. Each department has staff of different levels as Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D. The railway recruitment board is responsible for recruitment of Group C and Group D posts in these departments. Every year thousands or posts are filled in through various railway online exams conducted by this board. Group A posts are under UPSC.

Psychological Tests forms an important section in any railway recruitment test. They are personality tests that elucidate the compatibility of a person to the job profile. These tests are taken not to check the level of intelligence in a person, but check the personality, behavior and mental thought process of the candidates. The questions in these online tests are not like general exam questions. They have no right or wrong answers to most of them. Here are some tips to prepare for this exam.

• To appear for the exam, you would need a healthy psyche. Hence, never skip a good night sleep before a psychological test.

• Reading news papers and books, stories or novels related to deep reasoning, logic and philosophy helps being a good food to the brain. • Practice crosswords and mathematical puzzles to keep your brain active and fast.

• Keep Calm; never be nervous and remain focused during the exam. For this, do not forget to take everything you require in the exam. If you need an inhaler a reading glass or any essentials, always carry them to the exam. Keep a watch for time.

• One of the best ways of preparation is to appear for mock tests. There are many online tests for psychology. Appear in these online exams and get used to the types of psychology questions asked in the railway exam question paper.

• Be clear about the instructions about any question. Understanding the question completely would help to get the most accurate results.

• Being honest in any psychology test is the most important one. Do not try to find out what the examiner might want. In fact, he just wants you to be honest with your answer, whatever it might be.

As most psychology and mental aptitude test consists of options rather than correct or wrong answers, pick the answer, which you really think is your choice.