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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Improve Memory for Good Exam Preparation

Memory is essential for any exam preparation. Without a good memory, it is hard to study and become successful in any online practice test. The good news is, ‘bad memory’ is not difficult to fight against, unless you have some health issues such as Alzheimer’s disease, and even this could be treated. Memory can always be improved and ‘forgetting things’ could be stopped. Before any exam, a good memory is a must.

Lack of memory could be devastating in student life. Moreover, becoming successful in recruitment exams is important to get jobs, good memory is essential even to get into a good career. In tests such as Indian Coast Guard exam extensive study is required, where memory plays a pivotal role. Here are some practice you could follow to improve your memory.

•Focusing on what you read is the best way to have a long term memory. While you read or write about something, try not to think of anything else. It is hard to concentrate on the same topic for a long time. If it keeps on breaking, try changing the topics or subjects and study alternatively.

•Do not try cramming. Understand the concepts thoroughly and revise them regularly. Reading must be always a study. Focus on the meanings and visualize them while studying. Taking a pause after reading a concept and visualizing those help in memorizing effectively.

•Teaching is the best way of learning. Try to teach others what you have learnt and studied. This will help to clear up your own understanding and memory about any concept. This helps the most in solving numerical aptitude questions that comprise a large segment of online exam such as Indian coast guard syllabus.

•A good health is a key to sound mind. Only a sound mind is essential for a good memory. Therefore, take a good care of your health and never compromise with necessary nutrients. Good sleep is necessary for good memory.

•Relate information and various topics of study. This is the creation of a ‘brain map’. This helps to remember formulas and concepts much easily without any stress.