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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How to prepare for Air Force Entrance Exam

Air Force is regarded to be the most prestigious sector to work for. An Air defense personal is always respected because of he or she is identified with a sound mind and body, a powerful personality and a good intellectual ability. To join Indian Air Force, one must appear for the exams conducted by government agencies. Air force recruitment is done through NDA, CDSE and AFCAT examinations in India. Below are some points one should care about for Air defense exam preparation.

•For the pen and paper test part there is no much difference. These tests are similar to other competitive exams, comprising of general knowledge, aptitude, logical reasoning and Basic English. However, a greater stress is provided on numerical ability and aptitude. A strong mathematical skill is a good help.

•The aptitude test for defense is different from others. It is military aptitude test that is required in this. This is different in the context that, most of the questions are psychometric in nature. They are designed to test the logical approach to thought and the personality of the test subject.

•A good memory is a must in military aptitude test. A good memory is associated with fast thinking and decision making abilities. It also helps in solving logical reasoning question.

•The interview and personality tests are the toughest in Air Force exam. A career in this sector is all about maintaining your psyche and physique. They must be able to take strong decisions within no time and mostly in life and death situation. This is what that makes air force career enthralling.

•Body language is a very important factor in interview and personality assessment. You must be strong not only physically but mentally. Communication skills and personality test comprises of group discussions. Aspirants must emphases on personality development to go throughout these tests.
•The Psychological test consists of a picture. Students are provided a picture and they have to write a story or whatever comes to their mind after observing it. It shows up many aspects of personality. These tests are available on online exam preparation sites. Appear for any online exam and mock tests for these.